5 Worst Translation Mistakes That Almost Risked the Brand

In a world of more than six thousands languages, it gets highly difficult to convey accurately as people prefer information in their native form. This is where many multinational companies avail translation to convert their brand information into another language in order to engage and aware audiences in foreign country. But sometime translation result could be daunting and this could lead to serious consequences affecting the brand value.

Here are some of the worst translation mistakes of well known company that almost risked their goodwill and many new companies can learn from it and can further avoid these mistakes by performing accurate translation of all content with correct sentence formation and words that doesn’t jeopardize the meaning.

1- Pepsi – The Bizarre Slogan

This was the Pepsi worst nightmare when they wrongly translated their slogan in China. We all know Pepsi right? It is the famous beverages brand and most favored across all restaurant as well as for celebration purpose. When they translated their slogan “We bring you back to life” in Chinese the result that came out was weird- “We bring your ancestors back from the grave”. Surprising isn’t it?

2- Mercedes Benz

We all know Mercedes as the worldwide famous auto brand especially in term of luxury. But no one expected the chaos when they tried to enter into Chinese market whit a brand name Bensi. Unfortunately they didn’t researched on this and result into appropriate meaning “Rush to die”.

3- KFC

It doesn’t get delicious when slogan says “we’ll eat your finger off” right? When KFC opened their first restaurant in Beijing 1987, they mistakenly translated their well-known slogan “Finger lickin good” into something that doesn’t sound tasty.

4- Coca Cola

This is the biggest reason to why you should avail Human translation before you enter into any foreign market. In China, the Coca Cola pronounced like “Ke kou ke la” which has a hilarious meaning “female horse stuffed with wax”. This created the biggest confusion as the brand has nothing to do with what it sounds like.

5- Parker

Parker is one of the most famous pen brands that are being used by most of the writers, authors, publishers and business persons. The brand is known for its reliability and quality; that’s why it has slogan- It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you.

But when this brand translated their class slogan into Spanish, many consumers got confused and misinterpret it as “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant” which was just opposite of original slogan in terms of value.

There are many companies who are entering into foreign market and plenty of resources to convert your brand content into other languages. If you have to advice professional advice that are well aware of all language terminologies than all we’ll say that avoid online translation as they are not hundred accurate. A certified translation helps in adapting any content with respect to culture and lingo that creates a meaningful statement of your brand.

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