Argentinian Embassy in New Delhi, India

The Argentinian embassy in New Delhi, India is one of the 423 foreign representations in India. Whether you require information regarding Argentina holidays, maps, visa, passport or any other relevant information regarding Argentina then this embassy is the only solution to your queries.

Argentinian Embassy in India

Documents Required At the Embassy

■ A 6 months validity passport.
■ A visa form that is duly filled and signed by the applicant.
■ Two passport-sized recent photographs against a white background.
■ Confirmed return/onward air ticket.
■ A cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit to Argentina.
■ Bank statement for the last 6 months with bank’s seal.
■ If you are a student, you need to provide a leave sanction letter from the School.
■ If you are going to Argentina for employment purposes, then a letter confirming your visit from the sponsoring company.

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