Brazilian Embassy in New Delhi, India

The Brazilian Embassy in New Delhi, India basically aims at maintaining friendly and cordial relations between Indian and Brazilian government. It acts as a help desk for foreign travelers and provides various services for emergency money transfers, passports, visas, birth certificates and death notice.

Brazilian Embassy in India

Necessary Documents

■ Applicants’ passport with a validity of 6 months. It should also have 2 blank pages.
■ Filled and signed application form.
■ 4 passport size photographs with 70% face size.
■ Bank statement for the last 6 months.
■ Income tax returns.
■ If you are going to Brazil for employment purpose, then a work permit applied by the employer in Brazil, is also required.

Value-Added Services

1. Accommodation

Just imagine you suddenly plan out a tour with your friends or family. So what would be your foremost concern? Obviously accommodation!! This is the first and foremost concern that strikes each individual’s mind. Hence, we are here to arrange all the necessary accommodation facilities for you, if you are planning to visit India. We will book the best hotels for you in India. All you need to do is, relax!

2. Business Conference

Normally the high position holders in a company require to host and attend several business meetings and conferences in various parts of the world. Thus, if you are also the one and facing such problems for arranging the meeting venue and all the travel arrangements, then we can certainly guide you and serve all your travel related needs. We will book auditoriums, conference halls, hotels etc for your meeting.

3. Excursion

As mentioned above, we are simply here to resolve your problems and guide you thoroughly, if you are planning a visit to India. No mater it is a family trip or a business trip, we will make it exciting for you by arranging accommodation and travel facilities for you, within a short span of time. We are associated with a number of hotels and travel related agencies in India. So, you need not to worry about your India tour.

Translate While You Travel

Travelling to a non-native place might require you to perform several tasks; one of them being multilingual translations. You might encounter situations to get your certificates and identity proofs to get translated into a number of languages. Hence, as a multilingual translation agency, we offer pristine translations for all types of certificates, immigration documents, police clearance documents and several business documents. Further, you can also avail our urgent translation services that deliver the translation assignment within 24 to 48 hours.

Ethical Policies for Assured Satisfaction

We believe that misleading and unethical practices can never result into satisfaction for customers and also for us. Thus, we follow our oath to always serve the customers’ needs with utmost authenticity and ethically. Our loyal attitude towards customers renders the highest level of satisfaction to our team and also to the customers. Hence, we feel blessed each time we fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements.

We will be pleased to hear from you..!!

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