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Get high-quality, error-free, and fastest animation dubbing services in more than 20 Indian regional languages by highly experienced professionals. At Tridindia, we have been serving the industry for more than a decade, providing clients from different corners of the country with cutting-edge animation/cartoon dubbing services at amazingly affordable prices. Our experts have received professional certifications for dubbing Animated TV series, video game, and documentaries.

Voicing the animated characters in an animated video is nothing less than a piece of art, and our 300+ animation voice actors leave no stone unturned to present our clients with their desired output. An animation project demands highly professional and broadcasted talents, who possess the skill to dub or voice multiple characters in an animated series, for example, human characters, animals, birds, vegetables, fruits, sun moon, trees etc. In simple words, it is all about bringing life to the objects.


What is Animation Dubbing?

It can be explained simply as voicing the characters or objects featured in the video. In order to dub an animated video, the voice actor thoroughly needs to get inside the cartoon characters to make them alive and create their personalities, reactions, and emotions. The dubbing of a specific character or object requires an appropriate voice, hence, finding the right talent for a character demands concentration, efforts and time.

In the process full lip sync is an essential aspect, where the voice lines must match the lip movement and timing of the on-screen character. dubbing process for animation series is quite different from a TV series dubbing and require deep concentration and command over the process.


Tridindia Knows the Importance of High-Quality Animation Dubbing Services

Over the past few years, global consumers have shown immense interest in high definition animated series. Disney’s box office hits like “The Minions” and “Frozen”, made the productions realize that a good and high-quality animated content if localized for different regions through dubbing, can become a success worldwide. With the rise in animated video across the globe, the dubbing industry has been facing an upsurge in the entertainment industry.

We at Tridindia work with more than 300 voice actors to provide our clients with outstandingly dubbed animated videos. No matter how complicated a project is, our main focus is to provide our clients with the highest quality. With an in-house dubbing studio and advanced equipment, we keep a track of even minor errors and incorporate all the specifications instructed by the clients.

With quality and perfectly dubbed animated content, the viewers from all across the county get exposure to some of the best forms of entertainment and media in a language they understand. Therefore, in each project, we give our best to provide our client’s audiences with localized content. However, dubbing is a complex job that involves many challenges.

The expert team of our dubbing professionals take care of some of the important aspects such as sentence length timing, the number of syllables used to match the dialogues with the on-screen character lip movements. However, since one language is not similar to the other one, the number of syllables may always vary. Hence, the dubbing translators must perform their job with utmost excellence, by using the best of their skills, without losing the essence of the original story, or the message to be delivered to the audience.


Types of Animation Dubbing Services Offered at Tridindia

 Television animation
 Movie animation
 Video games animation
 Commercial animation
 Education documentary animation


The Standard Animation Dubbing Process Followed at Tridindia

When it comes to animation dubbing, finding a suitable voice actor who can play each character is the trickiest part of the process. Because a voice actor is responsible for creating the personality of the character, moreover, he/she needs to create an illusion that the featured character on the screen is talking.

Our dubbing experts at Tridindia, are responsible for recreating all aspects of the original animated video into a regional language. Mentioned below is the process we follow:

1. Translation: The first step of the dubbing process starts with the translation of the script. In this phase, the team of our in-house translators work on the text to create in the script in target language. Our translators put a high level of creativity to keep the storyline or message of the video intact.

2. Adaptation: Once the translation team gets done with script translation, the video director and translators work together for adapting the material for the recording process. Adaptation may include editing the translated text to the best length to matching labials.

3. Casting: Usually the casting process for the right voice actor is carried out along with adaptation. We test the voices of the dubbing artists in the dubbing studio to find out the best suitable option for the characters.

4. Directing and Recording: After the adaptation and casting processes comes the main process. The real fun begins at this step. In this step, the voice actors recreate the character in the video, under the supervision of the director, who is also recording the voice. This stage involves the arduous tasks, as besides recording, lip-syncing is also looked after.

5. Mixing:  Mixing is the final stage of the process. Mixing is done based on the requirements of the client. If required we can do the mixing in the full video, or M&E and audio mix. This stage is completed with the help of our sound engineers.

6. Delivery: Once we have dubbed the video and made all the necessary changes to optimize its quality, we deliver the project to the client within the given timeframe.


Why Choose Tridindia for Animation Dubbing Services?

Tridindia has become an emerging name in the field of animation dubbing. With rich experience and knowledge in the field, we ought to provide optimum services to our clients. Still, looking for the reasons to choose us for your dubbing requirements? Listed below are some more reasons:

 99.9% guarantee to match dubbed output with all the specifications of the targert language.
 Dubbed output 100% maintains lip-sync and speech timing.
 15 years+ experienced team with high knowledge work on your animation dubbing project.
 Our packages are offered at the most reasonable prices.

Get the best services from a highly efficient and professional team at Tridindia at most reasonable costs. No matter how big or small the project is, we never compromise on the quality. So, wait no more and reach out to us on +91-8527599201 or email your queries on [email protected] today.

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