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There is a constant need to hire interpretation equipment rentals services for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, international summits and other such events. Although such equipment can be used for multiple types of interpretation, yet they are majorly demanded in a setting, where the interpretation is conducted in simultaneous or consecutive mode. These days, communicating in a foreign language(s) is the biggest need of global businesses and entrepreneurs. This increases the demand for interpretation and the related equipment. So, if you are planning for an interpretation session in India and looking out for latest technology equipment, you are at the right platform. We provide all types of interpretation equipment on rent within India.


What Is An Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment?


If you are new to interpretation, you might not have much knowledge about the equipment used for the interpreting task. These equipment are basically meant to be used during an interpretation session. Depending on the type of interpretation – simultaneous, consecutive etc., – the type of equipment required may also vary. Without these equipment, it becomes difficult for the interpreter to convey the message ‘right’ across a huge multilingual audience in a huge event. This is why it is important to rent these equipment for a quality interpretation experience.

Here, you must also note that renting is always better than purchase, as the equipment with advanced technology are very expensive. So, purchasing them would be an unnecessary cost to you. Obviously, you are not going to have an interpreting session every other day. So, why buy, simply rent it from us, at very nominal rates.


Types Of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment We Offer


Be it simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, we offer all types of interpreting equipment on rent for nay number of days as you want. Here are some of the major equipment you can rent from us –

Portable TransmittersInterpretation Booth
Microphones/ HeadphonesPublic Address System
Receivers With HeadsetsSound Mixer
Podium StandElectronic Nameplates
Language Channel Selector MicrophonesAnd So On

This implies that we have high quality Interpretation Equipment Systems for presenters, interpreters and audience. So, next time when you need interpretation equipment, you know whom to contact.


Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental


Interpreting equipment is majorly demanded for simultaneous interpretation projects. Hence, we make sure that we provide the best discounted quote, which includes delivery of high quality, advanced equipment within the least possible time time frame. The equipment offered from our end have the following features –

☞ Interference free transmission
☞ Perfect sound quality for microphones/ headphones
☞ Superb insulation, air quality and dimensions of booths

We offer our rental services and equipment delivery all across India. Hence, no matter, which part of the country you are located in, we can deliver advanced equipment right at time, without costing you much on shipment/ delivery.


Portable Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment On Rent


We also provide portable interpreting equipment for varied interpretation projects that involve multiple site locations or tours across India. These types of equipment are generally wireless and are required for smaller meetings or at places where interpretation is conducted at a small budget. Common portable systems include interpreter transmitters, audience headsets, microphones and earphones. We also offer wireless sound feed that is used for sound amplification for interpreters.

On-Site Technicians

Our services are not just restricted to offering you avant-garde interpreting equipment; we rather provide you complete assistance for making the entire set up during the event. This implies that we have highly talented technical engineers with us, who will set up the equipment at the interpretation venue, perform complete testing of the equipment, and monitor the equipment throughout the business meeting or event.

Tips To Know Before Hiring Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment


People who are new to interpretation or interpreting equipment, it is very important to follow some tips that will help in choosing the right equipment for the right interpreting session.

a) Languages: To determine the number or type of transmitters you may need, you must know How many languages will be used for interpretation at the venue.

b) Size Of Audience: You might also need some primary and backup receivers. Hence, understanding how many members in the audience require language support, is very important.

c) Portability: You need to understand the degree of portability you need in the equipment.

d) Interpreter Location: Depending on where the interpreter will set up, you will need different types of equipment.

e) Type Of Venue: Your choice of equipment should also depend on the type of venue for interpretation. For example, in the absence of a clear line of sight between the receiver and the transmitter, you will require an FM system. For other conditions, the equipment may change in case you are still unable to identify how many or which type of interpreting equipment will be perfect for a certain event, do get in touch with us.

Our experts will understand your requirements, i.e. the type of interpretation session you are going to conduct, and then suggest the right systems that you should rent.


Why Hire Us For Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental Services?

International communication is the biggest concern for businesses today. Hence, when it comes to hiring a vendor for rental interpretation equipment, you should always hire someone, who has prior experience of language and interpretation. This will ensure that the vendor understand what interpretation is and what all equipment and settings are essential during an interpreting session. So, if you are looking for a renowned vendor, you are at the right platform, as we fulfill all the above conditions mentioned above. Also, you should hire or rent the equipment from us because of the following reasons –

✓ Latest technology equipment
✓ Easy shipment and delivery all across India
✓ Experienced technicians to help you throughout the event
✓ All types of equipment for simultaneous, consecutive and other interpretation types
✓ Highly affordable rates
✓ Organize conference in India with full interpretation support
✓ Easy to rent for one, two or more days

So, what’s making you wait now? We have everything that you need for making an interpretation session successful. Right from experienced interpreters to high quality interpretation equipment and conference organizing facility (in India), we offer 360 degree solutions at very nominal rates in the least possible time frame. To know more about our services or order equipment, call us right now!!

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