Major Types of Interpretation

Before you outsource interpretation, you must be aware of the different kinds or types of interpretation that are majorly demanded in the business and other industries. With a strong back from professional interpreters from different industries, we offer all kinds of powerful interpretation services near me that you may want.


Here are the major interpretation offered from our end –


1. Simultaneous Interpretation : This type of interpretation requires the interpreting task to be done on a simultaneous basis. This implies that whatever the speaker speaks is simultaneously interpreted in the target language of the audience. Read more


2. Consecutive Interpretation : In error free conference interpretation, the speaker speaks and right after he or she has finished talking a phrase or more, the interpreter interprets the same to the listener(s) in the target language. Read more


3. Whispered Interpretation : As the name suggests, this interpretation is conducted by whispering the interpreted message to the listener in the target language. It is basically a type of simultaneous interpretation, which is done by whispering or conveying the message in very low voice. Read more


4. Telephone/ Over-The-Phone Interpretation : Telephone interpreting requires the interpreters to be connected to the speaker and listener via telephone. It is generally required in medical, legal, technical industries. However, other industries or common individuals can also vouch for such interpreting services. Read more


5. Sworn Interpretation : This type of interpretation is majorly meant to be carried out in Courts, notarial acts and private sectors for resolution of contracts, signing of agreements etc. Since, this type of interpretation is very critical in nature, it is conducted and approved by sworn interpreters.


6. On-Site Interpretation : On site interpretation is also often referred to as face to face interpretation, as the speaker and the listener are present at the same location, and the interpretation is conducted right on the spot. Hence, businesses often prefer this comprehensive on-site interpretation over other options. Read more


7. Video Remote Interpreting : This type of interpretation is conducted between people who are hard of hearing and those who can hear properly. Hence, it can be said that video remote interpreting interprets sign language, so that both the parties get to understand what is being conveyed. It is conducted through video/ webcam. Read more


8. Travel Or Escort Interpretation : The task performed under this type of interpretation is hidden in its name itself. No matter, it is a common individual or a businessman traveling to a foreign location, the interpreter will escort or accompany the person to the desired location for interpretation. Read more


9. Liaison Interpretation : When interpretation is to be conducted among a small group of individuals, who speak different languages, it is termed as liaison interpretation. It is generally needed during business meetings, events, seminars etc. in consecutive and whispered mode.


In case, your requirements are a bit different than these, do get in touch with us and we’ll give best interpretation techniques and try to bring out a perfect resolution for the same.


Why Hire Our Interpreters?


Interpretation is a very sensitive task, since it involves international communication. This is why you should always look for a service provider or interpreters, who hold immense expertise in fulfilling the given task within the right time, budget and accuracy.


Our interpreters are the perfect ones for you, as they have the following attributes –


■ Excellent public speaking skills
■ Advanced level subject matter knowledge
■ Great intellectual capacity
■ Extraordinary listening abilities
■ Years of experience in interpretation industry
■ Expert in interpreting idioms, colloquialisms in the target language


With all these qualities and attributes, our team is the best in the entire industry for interpretation job. Further, our services have the following highlights –


♦ 99.99% accurate results
♦ Instant reply to your query
♦ Very affordable rates
♦ Industry specific interpreters
♦ Most experienced and talented interpreters
♦ Interpretation across multiple Indian and foreign languages
♦ 100% confidentiality
♦ No false claims or hidden costs


So, don’t keep waiting. This is the right time to act. Give us a call or mail your queries/ requirements with us. Our project managers will instantly get in touch with you. So, call right now!!

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