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The Global Leader In The Controls And Process Automation Systems Steps Up To The World Stage Via Translation Services

For over 29 years Koso India Pvt. Ltd. has offered standard service control valves, severe service control valves, high-technology surface choke valves, segmental ball valves, metal seated ball valves and high-performance rotary valves for the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries. Based in Japan, originally formed in 1989 under the name Introl India, the company has evolved it’s stream to firm its position to get a prestigious reputation around the world for supplying specially designed the high-quality valve for the most severe service conditions. Moreover, in accordance with Quality Management System Koso is well certified by an accredited body ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and API 6A. The company today recognized worldwide as Koso INDIA has had more than its fair share of names when it comes across availing translation services from TridIndia


What Tridindia Has Achieved For Koso India Pvt. Ltd.

● Maintain international standards for translation quality
● Reduced localization costs for international borders
● 60% growth in sales


Complicated Challenges Koso Was Constantly Going Through

When Koso was looking to meet the demand of especially four Indo-European countries namely Russia, Spain, Denmark and France market, the company identified a need for reliable and experienced translation services deal in Russian, Spanish, Danish and French language, in order to develop sales in these territories. Koso comes in contact with us to get the assistance of our years of experienced translator and proofreader to get their PDF files content and sales material converted into influential aforesaid language. Their biggest challenge was to localize technical valves related content to be more culturally appropriate for a conservative target audience in the Middle East.

As a global company, Koso understands the need of getting the help of translation service provider to communicate correctly in the new territory and utilize the ladder of localization. This requirement becomes more mandatory to the Koso Group due to the fact that the company operates in a very specialized sector belongs to an automation industry, which means that the technical language always a vital role for this domain in order to develop a new clientele base for international territory.

For Koso being itself already a brand in India and Japan border, it has become crucial for them to prove their credential for their reputation sake in four above territory also by adopting a high translation level which inherits the potential to influence the mind of local audience’s also with an accuracy using the right technical industrial translation parameters.


How Tridindia Overcome Koso Intricate Challenges

Koso previously had already tested the various translation services from numerous translation providers with not so satisfaction outcome before landing to our destination, we have supplied them our quality piece of translation for their satisfaction and then step ahead.

The team of Koso was pleased with not only the quality of our content translations but also the project management processes, which kept the whole transcript process under tight control to deliver it before the deadline and always stay transparent to the client.

Since we’ve been working with Koso, there has been real growth in sales percentage from international wherever they intend to mark their brand position. It clearly means our translators’ effort was well received by the Koso ’s audience and it continues to be used. It has also been witnessed that global business sales grew by 60%since they aligned their project to us and still, we are working on their different projects for the new esteemed market.

Consequently, Koso believes the services provided by TridIndia have launched a new brand of their recognition in various international markets with a firmed position.


What Koso Said

“Since working with a propitious team of TridIndia, we have actually acknowledged our real global business worldwide which was earlier a question mark to our credential. From their all-around assistance, we can act everywhere knowing we have a strong partner to support our communications gap and marketing operations. With other translation providers we were identifying a lot of issues especially going through uninfluential piece of translated content with zero impact on hitting the targeted audience intention toward our brand However with TridIndia, not only was the quality we got satisfied with, but if any minor mistakes were identified or any correction we do refer, they did it instantly and not repeated this again with our preference. This gives us a lot of confidence to present our brand at an international platform like an experienced one, and all the credit worth goes to the team of TridIndia. It’s you who again give us a presentable look among international audiences, it’s your effort for which we are standing as a global leader. You are our backbone without you we can make it up to.”

This kind of acknowledgment from an international based company means a lot to boost the morale of our translator and inbuilt positivity in their mind.


What’s Next

Koso would like to expand into the other international territory also and have begun to make inroads into this. This is just the beginning of the international journey to come for them, and we will be on hand to help with the translation of further user manuals, to help Koso become a true global supplier of the automation system of quality valves.

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