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Fastest professional Android App localization services by 4000+ certified android app localizers who offer accurate localization services in android app for government, public and private sectors. In the present market scenario, where ninety percent of app stores have gone global, you may never know where your target customer might be located at. This basically implies that the customers downloading your app can be anywhere around the world, and any discrepancy in language communication can result into huge losses. Thus, we help global companies and mobile app stores to bridge this communication gap. Mere translation will not your app succeed in the international market; you also need to localize the same for your audience.


What is Android App Localization?

In simple layman’s terms, android app localization refers to transforming your app into a versatile product that is useful in all target markets, irrespective of what culture they follow or what language they use. For every different target market, you need to localize your app differently. The sole logic behind this is to make your app user-friendly to the audience. By changing the text, graphics, numbers, audio files and currency, your app can maximize its reach and be appealing to millions of users out there.


Need of Android App Localization Services

Global business expansion is the ultimate need of the modern biz world. Hence, translation and localization have become the most integral part of what entrepreneurs seek for. Without a perfectly localized app, the sales would be restricted within your native locale, resulting in zero return on investment. You need to focus on the part of language and culture, as you may be unaware of how the customers in your target market use the app information. Miscommunication and misinterpretation can seriously affect your international business.

From a broader perspective, localization for android apps are generally needed for the following reasons –

Boost Sales: The most important reason or the need to localize apps is to boost sales. You would obviously want your app to maximize its reach and earning potential. But, do you think that simply translating or not even translating at all will do wonders for your company? Seriously, no. The sales of your app would increase by multiple times, if you pay proper attention towards the localization part.

A Global Hit: This somewhere or the other relates to the above point. Localization will adapt your app in line with the target culture and language, which in turn, will increase the sales graph and make the app, a global hit. Doesn’t it seem to be persuading enough to opt for localization? Most of the countries have made it mandatory to offer complete information about the product in buyer’s native language. In such a case, if your app wouldn’t be localized properly, your dream of overseas success will drown in middle of nowhere.

Better ROI: If you desire for higher returns on investment, you must take localization very seriously. Even market studies have found that companies, which translate as well as localize their apps (or other products) as per the target audience, are more likely to gain success and revenues than other competitors in the market. The more specific and better localized your app will be, the more returns you’ll get and will be able to utilize the earnings in growing your business.

Access to a Global Market: This is the most obvious reason why you would need to opt for localization. Most of the businessmen often think that they only need to transcend the language barrier, which would be easily accomplished translation, thereby cutting cost and neglecting localization. However, they fail to realize that in such a process they are befooling themselves; they are not cutting costs, they are rather, incurring more costs.

In simple words, localizing your app is the ultimate necessity, if you are looking forward to some serious business. We believe that a businessman is never off-duty; even in his dreams he keeps thinking about business growth. Hence, repetitive explanation about why you should go for localization, why only translation won’t do and bla bla bla hold no grounds, if you’re a smart entrepreneur. You are experienced and knowledgeable enough to understand that your target audience needs clear communication.


Benefits of Outsourcing Android App Localization Services to Us

Quality localization can be a game changer for your business. It can drive your business to such pinnacle heights that you may not have even imagined. Hence, one must be very serious about whom to outsource such services. Do not think of hiring an in-house team, as it would incur a huge cost on you.

Further, if you choose us as the outsourcing partner, you’ll have the following benefits –

 Our team works in close coordination with the clients, to understand their target audience as well as their specific needs. Thus your app gets an amazing reach in the target segment/ niche.

 We ensure that we offer the lowest pricing scheme to our customer and that the app gets assistance of a talented pool of localization experts.

 We also take the full responsibility of delivering the assignment within time deadlines. Our team basically understands your need to launch the app on time. Thus, we do not waste even a single minute, while working on your project.

As an outsourcing partner, we ensure that our client is satisfied with the end-product and that his success in the global market is a matter of proud for us, as well. Whenever we deliver an assignment, we always hope that it becomes a stepping stone for the global success of the client. Thus, even after project completion, we stay in touch with the clients to know how the localized material helped them. In case they have any query regarding translation, localization or anything related to language, we do assist them with a happy heart.


Why Choose Us?

In this competitive market, you’ll find localization experts in abundance. If not us, you can get ‘n’ number of companies out there. But, always remember that what you’ll get here will definitely be not available anywhere else in the world.

 Reduced localization Times
 Experienced localization experts
 Localization in 250+ Indian and foreign languages
 Proper attention towards language dialects
 Highly marginal rates
 Friendly staff to assist you during the entire localization process

Overseas market waits for none. If you desire to stand apart from your competition, you need to focus on the basic steps, first; and we are here to help you out. Assuring 99.9% accuracy and quality, we strive to provide a better version of the app to your target audience.

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