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Fastest professional iPad app localization services by 4000+ certified iPad app localizers who offer accurate localization services in iPad app for government, public and private sectors. Targeting a non-native audience is very common these days. However, eliminating the language barrier is not a cake walk for every business man. It requires understanding the socio-cultural preferences of the audience and the way they perceive the information. Hence, finding the right partner, who understands all such factors and could adapt the app accordingly, is very pivotal. Often due to no or faulty localization, companies have had to face heartbreaking downfall of their products and services.


What is iPad App Localization?

Launching a new version of your iPad app, keeping the target audience segment in mind, can be termed as localization for iPad apps. The purpose of the app remains the same. It’s just the way in which it is used and the language in the app, which is modified as per the mother tongue of the target masses. In simple words, your app gets multiple versions for each new market you target. Every single detail in the app is adapted in tandem with the language and culture followed by the end-users.


What Do We Localize In iPad Apps?

We localize all types of apps in iPad, related to security, social networking, backup, antivirus, messaging, news and others. Further, there are certain elements in an app, which are highly demanded for localization, viz. –

Name App description Graphical user interface
Help pages Instructions Images
Contact information And so on…

Need of iPad App Localization Services

To make your app global-ready, it is very important to understand the need and importance of localizing your app. Making your app technologically sound with all the latest features and interface, is not enough to launch the app in the international market. Even if you have translated the app, it would do no wonders for your app. The reason being translation only converts the words form one language to another. It won’t make the app usable for the audience. Broadly speaking, you may need localization for the following reasons –

Boost Sales

You are obviously not giving away your app, for free; you expect good amount of sales. But, how would it take place, when your target audience is not getting what you are trying to convey. For once, leave the brand message aside; if your target audience is unable to simply understand the purpose of the app, you are seriously in a dangerous situation. Thus, you need to localize all the elements of your app, including the promotional materials, in order to spread awareness about the app. Once your app is localized, the sales will definitely get an incredible boost.

A Global Hit

What do you aspire for? – becoming a mediocre brand in the target market or a global leader? If you are all set to become the latter one, you should take localization very seriously. As mentioned above, localization will help you escalate your revenue graph, which in turn, will make your brand a ‘big’ hit in the market. Thus, your dream of getting a global identity for the brand would become successful. What more you can ask for, now? So, if it is a global audience, it is localization, for sure.

Better ROI

The need of getting higher returns is one of the major needs that necessitate outsourcing localization services. While you are in the international market, you may get low or no returns at all. The major reason behind this is absence of a properly localized app and its content. Why would the customers purchase your app, if it doesn’t speak in their language? Thus, lesser amount of sales would results into no or low returns.

Access to a Global Market

Last but not the least; localization is important to help you enter and capture the worldwide market. Remember that mere translating your app will only make way for eliminating the language barrier. It won’t let you or your brand connect with the target masses. Hence, you need to focus over the localization part and ensure that your customers love your app and find it highly usable for whatever purposes it has been established.

In simple words, localization is something that is a cherry on the top of the cake. No matter, how well you have devised all your marketing strategies, or how big your budget is, absence of localized content would turn all your efforts into zero. It is harsh to hear; but, it is true. When you can invest huge amount of time and money in other factors, why don’t you think of putting in some efforts in localization as well? Who knows, the localized content may become the pivotal reason for your success internationally?

Benefits of Outsourcing iPad App Localization Services to Us

From the above description, you might have understood why localization is so important for your business growth. Hence, you should ensure that you have no stone unturned, as far as localization part is concerned. Hiring an in-house team would be very expensive. So, make sure to outsource these services from a reputed vendor, like us. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing these services to us –

 We have a talented team on board that undertakes and supervises the localization project on each step of the process. This in turn, ensures that the localized output is perfectly in line with the quality parameters.

 Our team takes complete responsibility of delivering the assignment on time, without compromising the quality. We follow a stringent work procedure so that our work is completed on time and that the client gets a ready-to-market content immediately.

 We not just specialize in localization for iPad apps; we have lots of stuff in our kitty. This implies that we offer localization services for several other things, like software, website etc. Thus, you get a one stop solution here.

So, don’t waste your time in thinking, anymore. You might have heard that time and tide waits for none. Therefore, before anyone else hops in to the market and captures it, grab the services today and leverage the benefits. We ensure that outsourcing to us will prove to be the rightful decision, from your business perspective. Not just one or two, we have more than fifteen years of experience in this field and can guarantee you a better quality of work.

Why Choose Us?

We always look for a service provider, who empathizes with us and offers the best-in-class services at just the right price. However, finding the one is quite a horrifying task. Hence, we are here at your service, to ease your work. With years of experience and experienced professionals, we have established an excellent identity in the translation and localization market. As per client’s feedback, they majorly choose us over other due to the following reasons –

 Shortest TAT, i.e. turnaround time
 Expertise in all Indian as well as foreign languages (along with dialects)
 Superior quality assurance
 Professional team to supervise your localization project
 Very competitive rates

We expect you be a smart business owner, and if you are smart enough to understand the importance of authentic localization, you would definitely choose us. In case of any confusion, you can contact us right away, without any hesitation. Our experts are always available to help clients with their localization needs. So, if you wish to make your customers happy with the app, get in touch with us, and we’ll localize it in a manner, as if it was originally developed for the target audience.

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