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Fastest professional Mobile App Localization Services by 4000+ certified mobile app localizers who offer accurate localization Services in mobile apps for government, public and private sectors. Tridindia is famous for offering phenomenal grade localization for all types of mobile apps. Be it the platform of Windows, iOS, android, blackberry or any other, our native localization experts provide high-quality Mobile Apps Localization in Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai NCR Pune Kolkata Chandigarh Bangalore Amritsar and across worldwide nations. In short, our mobile apps localization company has got you covered at any location you are. So, if you want to make your mobile app global-ready, you are at the right place.


What Is Mobile App Localization?

It can be defined as a process to get your mobile apps translated into multiple languages to serve the customers worldwide. It depends on the country you have decided to localize your mobile app for, there are endless possibilities.


Need of Mobile App Localization

Have you ever heard of expanding your business through localization? Is your company model based on the mobile app? If yes, then it is high-time you should think about localizing your mobile app.

Below mentioned are few of the needs to localize your mobile app:

An International Hit: there are few industries that have mandated it to localize your business first in many countries. In order to compete with them, it is necessary to localize your mobile apps according to the linguistic requirements of a target locale.

Listing in The App Store: your apps can get featured in the app store only if it is able to reach out to the global audience i.e. fulfills the demand of target customers having different cultural values, native language, etc.

Boosts The Sales: If your mobile app is in the single language only, then you might be losing out on sales. There may be several customers who might be returning from your app after viewing the unfamiliar content. Hence, it becomes significant to localize your mobile app to increase the sales prospects.

Enhanced Customer Retention: when the customers find the content on your mobile app relevant, then it will easier to hold their retention. It helps in building an image of being a trustworthy brand and customer relationship will be improved.

It allows you to reach the remote areas and ensures the effective communication with the customers. It also guides you the path towards becoming a market leader and thereby increases your downloads, sales and profits.


Advantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Localization to Us:

With an expertise in more than 250 languages, we ensure to deliver a finished translated and localized app within supposed deadlines. Listed below are the major benefits you get from outsourcing localization of mobile apps to us:

Authentic App Translation: We offer you complete and compiled app translation services. You just need to mail all your source files to us, and we ensure to take care of the rest. The entire translated app is thoroughly tested and validated.

Adaptation of Icons: If your application consists of unclear images with text or icons, then our team along with DTP specialists will render you modified graphics for your translated app.

Translation of Strings: In order to translate the entire text into the user interface of your app, our team translates the strings with utmost attention on string length and concatenation, so that nothing is lost in meaning.

Marketing Material: If you wish to advertise and publicize your translated app in the international market, then we can surely guide you in this context too. We translate all sorts of press releases, banner ads, e-mail blasts, web pages and other Marketing Materials as per your requirements.


Expertise in All Mobile Platforms

Blackberry OS Android OS (phones and tablets)
Windows Phone Apple iOS (phones and tablets)
Maemo Web OS (phones and tablets)

Process of Mobile App Localization:

We follow a streamlined process, so that it is easy for the customer to get his/her mobile app localized. Our project managers are always at your service. So, if you have any query, feel free to contact them.

So, here is the process to get started –

 Share your app strings (in any format) with us via mail
 On receiving the mail, we’ll quote you
 Our human native translators will then start with the project
 Also, send us a build for testing
 We will send the invoice to you

The complete process is easier to understand and signifies the efficiency of work. The entire project is submitted to the client within the prescribed time limit.

Tridindia Localization vs. Others

TridIndia Others
Project Scrutinizing Yes No
Translation Of Strings Yes Yes
Languages Supported 250+ Indian & foreign languages Differs
Linguistic Check Or Assurance Yes Yes
Internationalization Testing Yes No
Translation & Localization Charges Highly affordable Not friendly to your budget
All File Formats Supported Yes Differs
Any Extra Costs Involved No Yes
Usability Testing Yes No
Turnaround Time Fastest Not so fast
Content Fits The App Screen Yes No
Delivery Of Global-Ready App Yes No; may involve costly localization rework
Language Pairs 3000+ Varies
Communication With The Localization Team Yes No
Availability Of Service 24x7x365 Business hours
Discounts Yes No

Why We Right For You?

For the purpose of adapting the app to a targeted locale and maximize its distribution potential, a number of tasks should be performed, with the most prominent being, ‘target language and locale identification’.

“In simple words, our quality results can help you promote your app in the global market, thereby connecting you with a wide multilingual audience.”

Here are a few other attributes we possess:

 Highest accuracy of 99.9%
 Native mobile app localizers with years of expertise
 Proofreading and reasonable rates
 Quickest turnaround time and 100% satisfied customers

When it comes to localizing your mobile app, you can always trust TridIndia as your ultimate solution partner. Further, we can also localize all your entertainment, lifestyle, games, communication, education and other related apps with utmost precision. So, make a call right away to reach us!

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