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Fastest professional and accurate Video Games localization services in Delhi India UAE by 3000+ certified localization experts at TridIndia for ISO certified and secure Video Games translation and localization for NGOs, MNCs, public, government and private sectors, including legal, medical, travel, technical, oil & gas, retail, mining and others. Whether it is gaming consoles, computer games, Social networking games, Game based learning, Official game websites or any other type of online or PC games, we translate and localize the app in such a manner that it becomes ready for the global or multilingual launch. Further, we offer high quality gaming localization and translation services in NCR Kolkata Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Chandigarh Bangalore Pune Amritsar and across worldwide nations. So, if you wish to capture global audience and explore new markets, you are at the right place, as our video game localization company will localize and adapt your game as per the target culture.

Why Gaming Localization Is Important

  Market researchers often believe that gaming is one of the most popular global industries and it would keep growing as the organizations are targeting the international markets. Thus, more and more companies have stepped into this industry, which in turn, increased the competition level by several times.

  Therefore, localization is very important for you, if you wish to increase your global brand identity and also maximize the overseas sales.

  But, often companies commit the mistake of simply getting the games translated into the target language. Although, it may help you to some extent, but, if you want long lasting results, positive word of mouth and complete user satisfaction, mere translation may not help.

  The localized game offers the same feeling and gaming interface that the user would experience in its original version. Mere translated or badly translated video games may annoy the target users and chances are that the new game version becomes a big flop in your target market.

Thus, localization is important..!!

Process of Localization

What We Translate & Localize For Your Game

We translate and localize different types of materials for diverse range of video games –

On-screen text Help screen messages
Translation of subtitles Banners
Menus Official guides or walkthroughs
System messages Game Blogs
Dialogues Promotional and marketing material
Online text Text graphic editing
Dubbing scripts Tutorials
Newsletters Instruction manuals
game testing and QA support voice-over recording

Major Platforms Served

We serve a huge array of platforms for localizing PC or computer games, gaming consoles, mobile phone games, e-learning platforms, mobile phones, online games and others –

PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 Solaris/Linux
Android Nokia N-Gage
Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 iPhone
Windows Mobile Nintendo DS and Game Boy
Macintosh Advergames
Blackberry Sony PSP
Symbian Windows PC Games
Nintendo GameCube and Wii Gamification projects
iOS Smartphones
And varied types of handheld gaming devices

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With years of experience in this industry, we are able to understand all types of localization needs of the global entrepreneurs. Hence, we offer customized solutions to the clients at highly affordable rates. Further, we offer effective and productive solutions in a number of Indian and foreign languages. So, contact us immediately..!!

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