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Bandhavgarh National Park is known as the tiger palace in MP located in the Vindhya Hills of Umaria district. The park is analyzed as the major destination considered for the tiger project on the wage of continuing the important tiger project in India. Surrounding around 105 sq km the name Bandhavgarh has been achieved from the most fabulous hillock of the area, thrived with biodiversity and since the place is filled with many tigers, Bandhavgarh considered as the most regarded national market for tiger tours.

Basic Facts about Bandhavgarh National Park

• Rank: 9th of 36 destinations in Madhya Pradesh Tourism
• Famous for: Royal Bengal Tigers, Tracking Tigers, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer etc.
• Area: 1,536 km2 (593 sq mi)
• Climate: Very hot summers and temperate winters
• Location: Madhya Pradesh
• Established in: 1968
• Nearest City: Umaria
• Governing Body: Madhya Pradesh Forest Department


Bandhogarh was the dowry present brought by the daughter of the Raja of Ratanpur, when she got married to Karan Dev. Karan Dev was the son of Vyaghra Dev, who founded the state. Later on, in 1597, the fortress fell into the hands of the Mughals. There are almost 39 caves in the fort of Bandhavgarh, a number of which carry inscriptions in Brahmi script. On the other hand, you may also find some embossed figures in the caves, such as those of elephants, pigs, tigers and horsemen. There are basically no records, as to when this fort was constructed. However, it is believed that this fort came into existence nearly 2000 years back.

Top Destinations to Visit In/ Near Bandhavgarh

National Parks

• Bandhavgarh National Park
• Andheri Jhiria
• Chakradhara
• Charger’s Place
• Ketkiha
• Rajbahera
• Bhitari Bah


• Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves
• Three Cave Point


• Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary
• Elephant Safari


• Gharpuri Dam
• Bhamera Dam

Nearby Attractions

• Panna National Park
• Khajuraho
• Jabalpur
• Amarkantak
• Pench National Park
• Kanha National Park


• Shesh Shaiya
• Bandhavgarh Hill
• Sita Mandap
• Sidhbaba
• Ghorademaon
• Bandhavgarh Fort
• Climbers Point
• Mahaman Pond
• The Photographer’s Point
• Tala Village

Species Found In Bandhavgarh National Park
Asiatic JackalBengal TigersWild Pig
Bengal FoxSmall Indian CivetLeopards
Spotted DeerBarking DeerChinkara
Striped HyenaPythonCrested Serpent Eagle
GaurWhite TigersSloth Bear
SambarLesser Bandicoot RatNilgai
Grey MongoosePalm SquirrelPalm Squirrel
Jungle CatWild BoarBlack Kite
RatelLesser Adjutant StorkDove
Grey HornbillCarrion CrowSirkeer Malkoha
Eurasian Collared DoveBlack DrongoCommon Teals
Little GrebeRatsnakeBlack Vulture
Red Jungle FowlSarus CraneCobra
Oriental Magpie RobinKraitLizard
Indian RobinHouse CrowYellow-Crowned Woodpecker
TurtleViperCommon Peafowl
Indian RollerLong-Billed VultureBlack Stork
Egyptian VultureRed Jungle FowlGreen Bee-Eater
ParakeetBrahminy StarlingRed-Rumped Swallow
Black-Winged StiltOlive-Backed PipitBrown Fish Owl
Spotted DoveEgretCoppersmith Barbet
Greater CoucalWhite-Browed Fantail FlycatcherLarge Cuckooshrike
Brown-Headed BarbetRock PigeonRed-Wattled Lapwing
HoopoeBlack IbisPond Heron
Sapphire FlycatcherShikraPainted Francolin
Rufous WoodpeckerChestnut-Shouldered PetroniaMalabar Pied Hornbill
Paddyfield PipitLesser KestrelWhite-Rumped Vulture
Black-Winged CuckooshrikeGreater Whistling TealOrange-Headed Thrush
Dark Black CrowYellow-Footed Green PigeonHouse Sparrow
Rufous TreepieCrested Hawk EagleRose-Ringed Parakeet
Golden OrioleWhite-Necked StorkEurasian Thick-Knee
Bonelli’s EagleRed-Vented BulbulDusky Crag Martin
Laughing DovePurple SunbirdAsian Pied Starling
Pied BushchatTickell’s FlowerpeckerLesser Spotted Eagle
Oriental Turtle DoveGiant LeafbirdCommon Tailorbird
White-Tailed SwallowCommon SandpiperRed Collared Dove
Little Brown DovePied KingfisherGreat Cormorant
Black-Rumped Flameback WoodpeckerGrey-Capped Pygmy WoodpeckerLittle Cormorant
Major Highlights

• How to Reach: You can travel by air (Nearest airport is Khajuraho), rail (Nearest railway station is Umaria) and road (this place is well-connected from major cities like Umaria, Jabalpur, Khajuraho, Satna etc.)

• Best Time to Visit: October to June

• Most Preferred By: Couples, families, wildlife lovers and groups

Safari Zones 
ZonesVehicle Limit (Morning & Evening)Attractions
Tala20 – 20Siddha Baba, Bandhavgarh Fort, Ketkiha, Gopalpur Pond, Andhiyari Jhiriya, Sita Mandap, Vulture Nests, Bhitari Hide, Rampur Hillock, Three Cave Point, Banbehi Hide, Bamania Hill, Shesh-shaiya, Badi Gufa etc.
Khitauli16 – 15Chhulaha Camp, Nilgai Nala, Umrar River, Charkhi Dongri, Garhpuri Dam, Marjadgarh Tower, Tedka Munara & Kumbhi Kachhar
Magdhi20 – 20Badbada, Charger Point, Bhadrashila Hide, Dinosaur Rock, Patiha Camp, Baherha, Dabhadol Tank, Kerhawah, Sookhi Talab, Dhaua Tower, Sookhi Dam, Climber’s Point, Rajbehra, Sehra Dadra, Mahaman Pond & Suwari Wah
Travel Tips 
Drive slowly without making any noise.Do not tease the animals.
Maintain a safe distance from the animals.Do not throw anything in the park
Obey what is told to you by the guide.Do not enter the restricted areas
Wear dull colored clothes.Do not carry arms
Keep your mobile on vibration or silent mode.Do not use any perfumes

So, what are you waiting for? This is the right time to get to this place and experience wildlife in its truest sense. It contains 250+ species of birds, 37 species of mammals, a number of reptiles and nearly 80 species of butterflies. In a nutshell, this place is an ideal destination due to its huge diversity, and you should plan your trip right away…!!!!


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