DJI Phantom 3 Standard is a Mark of Drone Diversity

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These days, DJI’s Phantom 3 Standard is in the limelight that is known to combine most of the features of the other models of Phantom 3. Apart from the features, this drone is designed in a way to bring down the cost to £649 in the UK, $800 in the US and AU$1,299 in Australia.

The earlier model- Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional camera drone was very simple to operate. It was actually a great stuff for the people entering the hobby. The only thing that was not great was its price.

Hence, Phantom 3 Standard is introduced to help out your credit card.

For better image transmission, the Advanced and Professional models comes with DJI’s Lightbridge technology. Also, it has built-in camera controls.

However, the Standard model features the updated controller from the older model Phantom 2 Vision+. There are many technical aspects that India is evolving in. Like a news came popular tesla to enter India By 2020, this shows India is moving towards technology.

The Standard’s controller utilizes a wireless range extender. This is for transmitting the live view from controller to a mobile device. Camera controls are restricted to an adjustment wheel for the angle of the camera. Other settings of camera and controls are handled via DJI’s new Go app available for iPhone and iPad. The Android version will come soon. Further, you may not find any Return-to-Home button and Visual Positioning System.

For stability, the Standard relies only on GPS.

Higher than the Advanced’s 1080p, the standards model has a recording resolution of (maximum) 2.7K HD video at 30 frames/second. But, this is lower than 4K resolution of the Professional model. You can easily capture 12-megapixel photos in both JPEG and Adobe DNG raw formats.

The Standard Phantom 3 will have intelligent flight features including point of interest flight planning, waypoint navigation, and a Follow Me function.

• POI flight planning lets the user to fly a circle autonomously around a subject.

• Waypoint navigation enables one to establish a multipoint path for the drone, in order to follow while the user controls the camera.

• Follow Me allows the drone to track users’ movement based on his orientation.

The Phantom 3 Standard begins shipping this week. However, in the upcoming weeks, the higher-end Inspire 1 and the other Phantom 3 models will get a firmware customization for these piloting options. Furthermore, they will also be made available via SDK apps developed by DJI developers (third-party). Adding to that, there are many more technical thing you need to know like 5 years extension of electronics manufacturing scheme proficiently.

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