Don’t Miss the Special SpiceJet Offers for Durga Puja This Year

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SpiceJet is going to offer special offers for Durga Puja feast this year. According to reports, the airline company is going to serve authentic Bengali food with ‘Dhak music’ on its flights from Kolkata.

This offer is actually only available to the passengers travelling on the flights going out of Kolkata.

So, it is a good news for the Kolkata passengers as it is expected that to celebrate the spirit of Durga Puja festival, the airline would be providing authentic and yummy Bengali in-flight menu.

This festival season is a lucrative time for every person to look for amazing deals and offers in online festive sale. Not just the airline, but different e-commerce companies are also in the competition to make this festival year, a memorable one for the customers.

Having said that it seems (according to reports) that the offers and deals for the potential buyers have not ended here!! Apart from the airline and e-commerce companies, now Vodafone IN is also in this race.

Vodafone IN is offering freebies worth rs. 8,885 to its customers on buying a latest iPhone.

Back to the Durga Puja feast, it is said that from October 20 (Saptami) to October 22 (Navami), the passengers would be served with dishes like Bengali Pulao, Narkol Diye Ghoogni, Mangsher Chop, Sita Bhog, Kasha Murgi and Phulkopi Diye Moong Dal.

Further, to enhance the mood of festivity, two lady crew-members would be dressed in Bengali Saree on some select outbound flights from Kolkata.

Not just this, the ‘Dhak music’, would also be played on all flights to or from Kolkata.

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