Drone Cameras to Keep an Eye on Red Sander Smuggling

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Recently, the Andhra Pradesh government planned to utilize drone cameras for checking red sander smuggling. The static balloon cameras or drone cameras will be used to increase surveillance in Rayalaseema region for keeping an eye on red sander smuggling.

These cameras are reported to use the unused (TV) spectrum that is under TV White Spaces Project.

In the districts bordering Tamil Nadu, the state government intensified its efforts, in order to check and control red sander smuggling.

It started by patrolling through the special task force in the Seshachalam forests. This year only in the month of April, it has been reported that 20 wood cutters were gunned down by the police in the forests that lies in the Chittoor district. The wood cutters hired by the smugglers.

Several smugglers have already been arrested and crores of rupees of red sander were seized in the past few months. A Chinese national is also included in the arrested smugglers.

Redsander is also known as red sandalwood. It is basically a precious wood that is used in woodcraft across Japan, Myanmar, China and various other countries of East Asia and also in traditional medicines.

A tonne of this fetches almost 20 lakh INR to 25 lakh INR in the international market.

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