How to Play Pokemon Go Smoothly: Tips and Tricks 2017

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Pokemon go is one of the most downloaded and popular game Nintendo ever created. The game got viral within a week of launch date; having more than 50 millions user worldwide. The game success can be figure out from the fact that we see peoples in mall, streets searching and hunting Pokemon and it has more active user than Facebook and twitter. Keeping the interest of worldwide gamers and excitement, we are bringing Pokemon Go Tips and tricks to get free coins and Pokeballs.

Download Google Map Data

The virtual map of Pokemon goes requires data from Google map. One can download Google map in advance using WiFi or your mobile network. This will improve the performance and will also save your mobile data. All you need to do is open your Google maps, go to the settings and tap on offline areas to select and download the maps.

Spin Your Pokeballs

There are plenty of ways to catch Pokemon creature but many users don’t know this. The best way is to spin your Pokeballs in a circular motion with your fingers and then catch a Pokemon. By doing this, you will also earn some extra points.

Using Other People’s Lure to Catch Pokemon

Lure is used to increase the number of Pokemon near you and it works for everyone and can be seen by everyone. If you’re out of Lure then you can use other person lure to catch Pokemon. All you need to do is stand near to that person and wait for perfect time to catch em’ all

Make Your Pokemon Strongest

If you’re playing a Pokemon Go then you might know that every Pokemon creature has its own CP (Combat Power). It tells how stronger your Pokemon is as compare to other. These CP defines the attack, defense and stamina of Pokemon creature. Before you enter into any battle, make sure your CP is higher than your opponent, this results into easy winning.

Get a pro Gadget

You love Pokemon and we know that so why not level up and upgrade yourself with wearable gadgets to track notification without the app. Sometimes users get frustrated by just staring at phone screen waiting for notification to show up. Give rest to your eyes and get Pokemon theme wearable tech giving you notification on time.

The game is highly virally popular among people of all ages; no doubt in that. With these tips and tricks, one can easily enhance game plays and can catch as many Pokemon as you want.

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