Introducing Free Group Call on Hike to Connect With 100 Friends

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Hike Messenger launched free group calling to connect with almost 100 people. The calling feature will function over Wi-Fi and 4G. Initially it is available on Android, while it would be updated on iOS and Windows by end of the year.

Hike also dropped the beta tag on voice over Internet along with the introduction of group calling.

Few months back, it was the most talked topic that there will be no more free calls over Skype, WhatsApp and Viber, due to the net neutrality.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, the founder and CEO of hike messenger says that there would be no more holding one over phone, no more pins; group calling would be just easier with just a tap.

This latest version of hike is available on the Google Play Store, from where users can upgrade their hike messenger.

According to the company, this group calling feature is launched keeping in mind the varied needs of families and students who love to chat in groups. Also it will be beneficial for the small executive teams who need to be in sync with large teams.

Launched in December 2012, the hike messenger has gained over 35 million users.

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