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Learning Latin American Languages, like Spanish and Portuguese are getting extremely popular in china. The popularity is such that the universities in china are known to have 40 Portuguese departments and 120 Spanish language departments.

As per reports, the major reason for this is employability, as learning a second language will improve the chances of getting a good job at a lucrative pay.

Research has also found that extension of the Road Initiative to Latin America will boost Chinese language importance in the region.

According to Brazil’s BELTA president, since China became the largest trading partner of Brazil, linguistic exchanges between both the nations is common. Almost 250,000 Chinese language speakers along with their descendants live in Brazil. Hence, apart from Chinese, they also get versed in Brazilian language.

Many Chinese professionals visit Brazil to learn Portuguese, and Brazilian students also find Mandarin as a popular language to learn. In 2017, Mandarin was one of the most studied language in Brazil. The number of speakers of mandarin were close to Japanese speakers. Hence, it is hoped that there is a huge scope for Mandarin to lead in demand in the near future.

Reports have even found an increase in the number of Chinese students in language schools and Brazilian universities, who seek to learn Brazilian Portuguese language for business purposes.

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