Modi’s ‘Give it Up’ Motivated 30k LPG Users to Surrender Subsidy

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Narendra Modi’s ‘Give It Up’ seems to motivate 30,000 LPG consumers to give up LPG subsidy daily. It is the magic the Modi’s countrywide door-to-door campaign that today almost 30,000 to 40,000 households is giving up their LPG subsidy.

Oil ministry data shows that after the PM’s Independence Day speech, the number of households which gave up their subsidy rose from 20 lakh to 21.26 lakh and went further to 22.57 lakh.

Nearly 50,000 surrender requests are pending at the moment for verification. This indicates a compelling narrative of the Indian government’s success.

According to reports, right from July 1 to July 28, the number of people who have surrendered their LPG subsidy has almost doubled in just a short span of 27 days.

The first call for ‘give it up’ was commenced in the month of April. However, the door-to-door campaign was started by the end of May and finally picked up momentum from June. This campaign is basically aimed at affluent localities. People residing in localities like Mumbai’s Pali Hill or Delhi’s GK-I doesn’t need subsidy at current rates. Such people understand this and thus are signing up willingly. A senior executive in the oil ministry says that this appeal by the PM appeal has made it easier to persuade people.

There are approximately 15.3 crore LPG-consuming households, which are officially registered with 3 oil marketing companies. Almost 14 crore of LPG consumers have joined ‘Pahal’. ‘Pahal’ is the programme that aims at direct transferring of the cash subsidy into the consumers’ bank account. Up till now, Rs 23,848.32 crore has been transferred. The government visions to get almost a crore households who agree to give up their subsidy.

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