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Instagram is soon going to introduce a ‘See Translation’ button that will translate the user bios, captions and comments automatically.

You will now be able to understand the captions or comments written alongside the images, as they would be translated into your native language. According to the social network, this feature will be rolled out in the coming month.

The personal details, captions and comments will be translated or rendered as per the language settings of the user. The descriptions and comments would be automatically translated into the language chosen by the user.

Further, it is said that the translation would be a machine translation that would translate the original language into the native language of the user. You will have to select your language in the user’s app settings.

The translation will be visible to the user, by just a simple tap on the ‘see translation’ button. This button would be placed under comments and captions.

With the addition of this translation feature, Instagram managed to keep up the speed with social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Both of the networks have introduced the automatic machine translation earlier.

Reports suggest that this option in instagram would arrive in the month of July.

range of dialects supported by Instagram version 3.4.0 include Spanish, Afrikaans, Danish, Chinese, Czech, French, Dutch, Russian, Finnish, German, , Indonesian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Malay, Tagalog, Norwegian, Korean, Turkish, Polish and Swedish.

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