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Recognized as a PR Consulting Agency India, we boast of talented PR Event Management Consultants who aim at transforming every event of your life into a never-fading memory.

Events and celebrations are a part of life and transforming them into a bigger picture of success and happiness is definitely the responsibility of an event manager.

While it is critical today to look for a talented event manager, it is also necessary to make sure that the event management company offers complete assistance in building a direct connect with the audience using credible channels.

These channels, in the world of today have become just like a dark horse that is less known but commits for a winning outcome.

So, in such a market scenario where every business owner is looking for great results, we have established ourselves as the reputed PR agency that not just help the clients in exploring new horizons and tangents of success, but also, open new ways to come closer to their target audience.

What We Do?

Basically, here at TridIndia, we understand that the perceptions about an organization play an important role in determining the brand image from the customer’s perspective. Hence, our team of PR event managers makes sure that the influencer community (family, friends or media) is greatly empowered and inspired for a positive word-of-mouth.

Further, our team aims at developing path breaking strategies that help in tapping the virtual sources of the society.

So, it is the immense dedication and expertise of our team that helped us in undertaking several projects for marketing communications and event management.

We have even served an array of industry verticals that include:

• Property development
• Fashion
• Travel
• Technology
• Healthcare
• IT
• Entertainment
• Academics
And so on..


Our PR Activities

Besides serving a number of industry verticals, we perform a number of PR activities to persuade your company’s employees, customers, stakeholders and investors about your products or leadership. These activities are performed as per your specifications:


1. Event Management

It is one of the key channels of communication that helps an organization to flourish in the market. Be it a product launch, business networking, press conference or any particular event; we effectively plan thee budgeting, reserving the event sites, co-ordinating with transportation facilities, planning for food, developing a theme, acquiring permits, arranging equipment and also developing contingency plans.


2. Crisis Management

Crisis management comes to action when an organization deals with an event that can potentially harm their brand reputation or has already harmed it. Our team aims at resolving the crisis step by step, i.e. our professionals first look into the matter and see whether the situation is a crisis situation or not. If it turns to be a crisis situation, then our teams comes out with effective solutions through which the brand reputation is not harmed in any way.


3. Story Coverage

To make sure that our clients remain updates with current stories of their industries, we provide story coverage to our clients in several forms of media (as per client’s specifications). We work in line with innovative strategies to help your brand reputation to magnify.


4. Arranging Celebrity Events

Public relations meetings and special events often include a celebrity to gain more attention of the target audience. Hence, we arrange for celebrities as chief guests in the events, to make it very special.

Our PR activities, does not end here. We also arrange for some specific events (like those requiring translation or interpretation) that help us gain an edge in the market.

‘How come a PR agency arrange for facilities or events requiring translation or interpretation?’ Certainly, you must be thinking this..!!

Actually, this expertise lies in our background history.

Stepped in the year 2002, we actually started as a translation entity working for all Indian and foreign languages. By this point of time, we have established an unequalled position in the international market. Thus, we provide a great mixture of event management and translation/interpretation.


5. Event for Business Delegates

Within such events, we make sure that all the arrangements, as mentioned earlier are in proper place. As we arrange for translation and interpretation. So, during an event, if you have invited a number of business delegates whose mother language is different than yours, then we arrange for translators or interpreters to make your communication smoother. Thus, whether, it is a local event or an event globally, we can help you in both cases with authentic translation and interpretation.

Concluding in a nutshell, we can say that we offer our expertise for promotions, planning, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, seminars, product launches, road shows, briefing sessions and every other event that you can imagine of.

So, undoubtedly, when it comes to our expertise, we only deliver you refined and organized solutions that helps in attracting a huge amount of audience and builds your reputation.

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