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Fastest Professional Proofreading Editing Services for translated academic papers, thesis, scientific journals & dissertations in 250+ languages by certified editors and proofreaders. Since the last 15 years, our native experts are editing and proof-reading the translated or localized materials for multiple industries, viz. legal, medical, oil & gas, technical, media, engineering, aviation, automobile, marketing, tourism, hospitality, life science and others. Further, we offer high quality and accurate proofreading & editing services in New Delhi NCR India UAE Hyderabad Mumbai Ahmedabad Kolkata Chandigarh Amritsar Chennai Bangalore and other parts of the world. So, if you are not sure about the quality of any localized or translated material, our ISO certified proofreading & editing company can help you get the materials cross-checked and edited by native linguists.

☞ Need of Authentic Editing or Proofreading Solutions

The text displayed on your business cards, e-mails, website or marketing collaterals represent your brand. Thus, they must be translated well, if you are targeting a multilingual audience. But, as mistakes are often, certain to happen, you may find some text errors, tone errors or localization errors in the translated documents (in case, they are not reviewed properly after translation). If there is any mistake in the local language or local dialect of the customers, the customers will instantly notice it and would not be attracted by your brand. In such situations, we come to your rescue.

Our experts proofread and edit the materials and make them correct in terms of quality, tone, vocabulary, context, style, terminology and localization.

☞ Languages Offered

We perform editing and proofreading in multiple Indian and foreign languages. Some of the languages are mentioned below:

Pashto Japanese
Igbo Russian
Danish Irish
Italian Vietnamese
English Urdu
French German
Indonesian Arabic
Spanish Finnish
Korean Hungarian
Chinese Hindi

☞ Native Language Proofreading

We can also proofread documents that are in your native language. Many a times, it is seen that people make mistakes in their own mother language. For example, you are planning a marketing campaign. You have planned the tag line, the message for your brand and other related stuff. But apart from being creative, the message fails to attract the audience. One of the many reasons can be an error in the language. If it is so, we will help you make the marketing materials and other stuff engaging for the potential customers (in terms of language tone, style & context that the targeted audience prefers and understands).

Don’t take chances. Contact us now. The words on your marketing materials or other documents reflect your business and brand image. So, you cannot and must not give way to language errors.

We will be pleased to hear from You..!!

TridIndia Providing Certified Proofreading & Editing Services in:

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