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Google to Get Narendra Modi Out Of the Criminal Search Line-Up

Google was working out measures to get Mr. Narendra Modi out of the line-up criminal photos that are served in searches for “Top 10 Criminals.” Google apologized for the misunderstanding or confusion caused by displaying Narendra Modi alongside the US mobster Al Capone. These results do not reflect Google’s opinions, said the California-based Internet titan. […]
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Modi’s Effort to Woo South Korean Businesses

During the final leg of his three-nation visit, Modi addressed the India-Republic of Korea CEOs Forum along with the Asian Leadership Forum. Narendra Modi’s main motto was to outline his vision about an all-composing Asian century fuelled by India’s progression and to woo the South Korean businesses, in order to ‘Make In India’ in a […]
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Narendra Modi Finally Begins His China Visit

The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has finally begun his three-day visit to China on Thursday. The main purpose of this visit is reported to boost the economic co-operation between the two countries. Mr Modi has met the Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping in Xian and will later on travel to Shanghai and Beijing. […]
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A Glimpse of Narendra Modi’s Visit to France

Shri Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, visited France, for discussing several aspects related to stronger India-France ties. The visit marks a significant shift in ties with France. This visit would always be remembered in the history of India, because of the following reasons:- 1. Augmenting Nuclear Energy Capabilities Signing a MoU, to manufacture […]
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