Research Transcription and Its Importance [8 Essential Facts]

Research is mostly about exploring a topic or an idea rather than finding certain, concrete, objective answers. Research transcription is very important if you want to convey your research details to a global audience. Research transcription offers a first step in arranging your data appropriately and analyzing it. Do you want to know more about […]
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Can Medical Research Be Translated? Know Why It Is Important For Healthcare Practitioners

Medical research and clinical trials are the key to exploring new therapies, medications and treatment solutions. Healthcare providers, medical practitioners, patients, and medical device manufacturers look forward to these studies for achieving new means of preventing diseases. This brings us to the need for effective translation. Lack of translation or poor translation can put someone’s […]
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Wellness Trip Can Boost Productivity of Employees: Study

The increasing concern about health has made wellness travel, a fastest growing tourism industry around the world. Looking at this growth, the corporates have also started including it in their corporate trips, for boosting the productivity of employees. A study reports that these types of tours have gained popularity to put a small break on […]
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Machine Translation Can Bring Businesses in Jeopardy: Report

Recent reports suggest that machine or automatic translation can bring businesses in a state of jeopardy. This is possible due to the poor quality of translations that the translation software delivers. Many instances of poor translations have been seen that often becomes a joke. But, some translations can be very offensive for the target audience, […]
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