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Social Media Localization: A Complete Guide

In today’s interconnected world, social media has transformed into a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience on a global scale. However, reaching diverse markets isn’t just about posting content in English and hoping for the best. This is where social media localization comes into play – a strategic approach to tailoring your […]
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What is Social Media Content Translation? [An Ultimate Guide]

Nearly 4 billion people use social media. Looking at these numbers, it’s for sure that you will definitely need social media content translation for more exposure. Globalizing your content on social media is crucial for reaching international markets. You will be a little shocked to know that 68% of users aged between 18-24 read information […]
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5 Types of Social Media Content Translation For More Engagement

How much success you will get on social media will majorly rely on the level of understanding your audience gets while reading your content. Therefore, translation is important. But, generating engaging translated content is not easy, it comes with many challenges for small businesses. It is time-consuming, and competitive, and should enhance customer experience. To […]
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क्या है व्हाट्सएप्प पर वायरल हुआ ‘777888999’ नंबर का राज़

सोशल मीडिया और व्हाट्सएप्प पर आजकल ‘777888999’ नंबर ने तहलका मचा रखा है। लोगों के पास मैसेज आ रहे है कि अगर इस नंबर से कोई भी कॉल आये तो रिसीव न करें। लोगों को मैसेज के ज़रिये डराया जा रहा है कि अगर कि वे उस कॉल को रिसीव करेंगे तो उनका फ़ोन ब्लास्ट […]
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Find Out How Translation Maximizes Social Media Reach?

For many new comers businessmen’s, Social media is regarded as great online marketing tool to locate product and services in the spotlight of millions of audiences. Many companies have admit the fact that conversion rate in social media is more than 80 percent as compare to any other marketing platform. The reason why “social media […]
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How Social Media Marketing Will Grow Your Translation Business?

A lot of businesses these days need translation services because of competition in the international market and because more than 69,000 languages exist in the world. Legal industries, medical industries, political industries and many other forms of industries require translation in their businesses. People are also increasingly becoming interested in learning more languages, which gives […]
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