Chinese Marketing Strategies: How to Enter in the Chinese Market?

As China continues to grow economically, foreign companies entering the country will find success in attracting Chinese consumers as customers. The Chinese consumer may not respond well to foreign brands due to cultural, normative and belief differences. Marketing staff must carefully study the market in order to survive by introducing similar Chinese products to international […]
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7 Translation Strategies for Growing Your Business [Did You Know?]

78% of customers globally prefer purchasing from a company that communicates in their native language. Therefore, knowledge of translation strategies for growing your business is important. For years, English has held the title of the mandatory language for international business. But now, the scenarios have changed. With the evolution of technologies and growth in the […]
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7 Interpretation Strategies For Growing Your Business

When you own a business that needs its employees to be able to interact well with people from all across the world, having an appropriate interpretation solution is a must. A good interpreter can assist to make sure that nothing essential ever gets lost in interpretation. So, don’t you think you need to know some […]
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