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Do you wish to Write for US (TridIndia) or portray your thoughts about the buzzing and vogue trends in the Translation and Business Industry? As a reputed translation company, we constantly look for more contributors and fresh talent that is creative enough to share unique perspectives on copy writing, translation, market research, languages, freelancing, human resources and various other fields.

Irrespective of your current position of a beginner blogger or an established one, we just care about how passionate you are for your task as well as the zeal in you to share your passion and work with other people all around the world.

Mode of Self-Skill Development for the Blogger/Content Writer

Writing will not only develop your copy writing and blogging skills, but also it will broaden up Literature Translationyour perspective and transform you into a learned person. Constant efforts in writing valuable articles will help you learn various concepts such as SEO and keyword research, content marketing and digital marketing, changing trends in Human resource & Translation Industry and so forth. Further, this experience will add weightage to your future undertakings. Whether you work for other companies or start your own blog, the experience will never let you down or go worthless. Hence, writing articles can be a viable way to develop your personal skills.

Fruitful Benefits of Writing for TridIndia

1. Free Publicity: If you write for us, you do not need to invest any money for promoting your thoughts. You can include optional biographical information about yourself in each article.

2. Free Website Promotion: Writing articles for TridIndia is the easiest way to promote your website. With an authoritative back link in each article, you will be able to promote both your article and website.

3. Boost Your CV: If you write a quality content that determines your creative imagination, logical thinking, skills and experience, then it will certainly boost your CV and add weightage to it, thereby proving your determination and talent.

4. Gain Experience: If you are a beginner writer, then this opportunity can turn out to be very fruitful for you as you gain experience along with publishing credits.

5. Share Knowledge: It is a golden opportunity for you to share your knowledge with others. So don’t let it go away. All of us learn unique skills and bitter experiences on our job that others do not know. Thus we provide you a platform where you can share your knowledge and experience with the worldwide audience.

The Major Topics to Be Explored

You will be required to write on the following topics:

■ Translation
■ Technical Translation (marketing, medical, business, travel, medical, legal and so on)
■ Translation Theory & History
■ CAD services
■ Market Research Reports & Survey
■ Transcription and Interpretation
■ Industry Translation
■ Changing Translation Trends
■ Human Resource
■ Website or Software Translation
■ Market Research Translation
■ Industry Updates
■ DTP translation
■ Voiceover, subtitling and dubbing
■ E-commerce Translation
■ Importance of Indian and Foreign Languages
■ Urgent Translations
■ Significance & Modern Trends in Content writing services
■ Mobile , Windows, IOS & Android app Translation

Important Guidelines

● Although there is no restricted word count, yet we would prefer if the article length would be more than 1200+ words.

● The posts submitted to TridIndia must be unique and original. We will not accept any post that is already published to other website (not even on your personal blog).

● We will be highly delighted to include your brief biography containing links to your Facebook or Twitter accounts as well as to your website. This would promote you when your post goes live. But please remember to limit your biography to just 2-3 sentences.

● By submitting your posts and articles to TridIndia, you agree to accept any form of editing that might take place on behalf of our editorial team.

● Before providing back links, our SEO team will undergo a thorough check of your website quality. If your website would be worthy enough, then we will surely give you back links.

● Once your posts go live, please share it with your friends through your website, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media account that you use. The higher the visits and views to your post, the higher will be the benefits to you and TridIndia.

How to Get Started

■ To associate with us, you can send us an email at “”, describing a brief introduction about yourself, what you do or what is your profession and lastly the reason to write for us.

■ We will go through the mail and if accepted, you can then, start submitting your articles, that should be well written, edited and original.

Job Opportunity for Translators/Content Writers

Each day we receive multilingual translation and content writing assignments that necessitate delivering quality and authentic work. Although we boast of a certified and experienced team of translators and content writers, but still we wish to give a chance to individuals borne with extraordinary talent. While going through your articles, if we realized that the quality, imagination and creativity in the article is unequalled, then we will surely provide you with few translation or content writing assignments, for freelancing purposes. So, don’t miss the opportunity to show your talent to us.

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