What Helps Google to Understand User’s Language

Google has open sourced some tools that help it to understand the language of the user when he or she types it in the search box. SyntaxNet and Mr. McParseface (a component for SyntaxNet) are some of the tools used for the purpose mentioned above.

Google to Understand User’s Language with TensorFlow

On one hand, where SyntaxNet is regarded as the framework for parsing sentences; on the other hand, it is said that Parsey McParseface is the plug-in for English language for SyntaxNet.

According to Google, the tool identifies verbs, subjects and objects of sentences correctly.

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It is further said that SyntaxNet applies neural networks and Beam Search, before arriving on the correct meaning of the sentence.

Google has been open-sourcing with TensorFlow that is a machine learning platform. After it got open sourced last year, Google is now giving components, which are built on same platform.

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According to Google, this release includes all the codes required to train the new SyntaxNet models and Parsey McParseface.