5 Sure-Shot Turnoffs to Avoid in an Interview

According to a survey of employers, the interviewees usually turnoff the interviewer so badly that the candidate loses even 1% chances of being selected for the vacant position. The employer actually does not expect you to be perfectly polished interviewee, but certain turnoffs from your end that might seem minor to you, could be the deal-breakers on the employer’s end.

Hence, simply getting academically qualified for a job might offer you an interview, but it won’t assure your selection for the job role. Here is the point where interview skills come in and all those turnoffs get buried.

So, it is a pre-requisite for a candidate to keep abreast with all such activities that turnoff the employer and decrease the chances of selection:

1. Rambling or Being Too Garrulous

Giving continuous long and rambling answers can signal the employer that you are unable to organize or assemble your thoughts. The lack of organization in your thoughts or getting over-excessive with the information can be annoying for the interviewer, as he/she might have a limited time to conduct the interview. These activities are specially un-tolerated if you go for an interview to an HR Consultancy Services Firm, as these types of firms usually conduct 10 or more interviews per day in order to pass/reject the candidate for the further selection process. So, they might not have enough time to give an ear to your long and confusing answers.

2. Exaggerating and Avoiding to Speak in Specifics

As the Interviewers try to understand exactly what you have achieved in the last job and how used to operate there, so your descriptions must not be vague or over the top that may sometimes be hard to digest. Remember, that the employer is qualified and experienced enough to judge, when a candidate is just exaggerating about his achievements or trying to change the topic by not talking in specifics. It is better to be honest at the interview and describe precise details about your last job, specifying your job target and your modus operandi.

3. Unmindful About the Role of Job or Organization

Obviously you can’t be well aware of all the details of the organization or the job role, as an outsider, as the information published in classified ads or on company’s website, might not be enough to give a clear idea of what the organization or the job is all about. But, while you are sitting in the interview hall, it is expected out from you that you atleast know the basics about the role of organization and job. Sitting blank with no information will definitely antagonize the employer.

4. Neglecting the Concerns about Your Fit for the Job

Many a times, it is seen that the interviewers prefer to involve in an open conversation to judge whether the candidate fits to the job role and organizational culture or not. You might certainly not realize when this conversation might start, but the moment you start neglecting or brushing off those matter of concerns, you get listed in the reject list of the interviewers.

5. Playing Coy about Questions

Sometimes job candidates seem to play coy with the questions that they don’t want to answer, as they worry that their answers would be unflattering. Some of the examples for such questions are: why did you leave your last job or whether you have ever been fired etc. every employer prefers to converse regarding such topics, but when the candidate seems to ignoring such questions or playing coy then end up looking evasive or disingenuous.


The universal truth of recruitment industry is that you can be either selected or rejected for very minute details. It is all upto you, how you present yourself infront of the interviewer. The interviewer is the judge of your skills, so, don’t neglect or ignore his questions and matters of concern.

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