How Social Media Marketing Will Grow Your Translation Business?

A lot of businesses these days need translation services because of competition in the international market and because more than 69,000 languages exist in the world. Legal industries, medical industries, political industries and many other forms of industries require translation in their businesses. People are also increasingly becoming interested in learning more languages, which gives a great opportunity for a translation business to grow. In recent years, the translation business has grown enormously and has been emerging as a good source of income.

Marketing, on the other hand, can be done through various means, and the increasingly popular strategy of social media marketing can largely benefit translation businesses. An example of social media strategy is placing your ads on more popular sites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Alta Vista, etc. A more recent method is to answer questions on Quora. Hence, a social media account can help grow your translation business manifold.

There are some simple strategies for you to follow when getting started. The social media strategy example below will help you understand a recurring problem and its solution. It will also illustrate how social networking can help you grow your translation business.

Britain’s cultural industries did not pass the opening and growth for cultural products in China’s market only because of the translation problem. The Chinese employed the help of social media networks such as Durban, which contain significant insights for publishers such as Chinese readers’ preferences and traits. British writers have numerous popular works in Durban and also have large numbers of the same fans liking their various titles. It makes sense hence, commercially, for publishers to target the clients, who are able to identify the different British writers. This suggests how British publishers and writers can negotiate some of the market uncertainties of doing business in China by using social media platforms like Durban.

Social media marketing and social media strategies can surely help drastically increase your translation business. Nevertheless, success does not come overnight. Listed below are some social media strategies that may help grow your translation business in the right direction:

1. Choose the right platform

There are so many good platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, and other sites such as, Pinterest and The former ones are easier to create and update. It is a good start to manage well 3 to 5 platforms that you feel comfortable with. Running 8 to 10 platforms simultaneously is not a good idea, especially if you cannot manage and update them on a regular basis. Don’t create a boring profile that is not updated because if you don’t update your social media platforms, you would end up damaging your brand’s reputation and identity.

2. Connect with your target market

You, as a marketer, are the best person to know what to share and with whom. Followers usually unfollow a page for two reasons – first, they find our profile boring; and second, they don’t fit with your community, which means that your interests and their interests are not the same. Thankfully, you can exert influence on both of these factors. Choosing the right style and focusing on the unique personality of your brand will help. Develop a community of people that share your interests and would be willing to connect genuinely.

3. Maintain an image of being a resource

You are not selling anything – you are engaging other people through sharing, liking and creating original content. Therefore, you need to maintain an image of being a resource. Avoiding over-marketing is wise because this may affect your prospects adversely.

4.Keep your updates sweet and simple

There is, in fact, no specific limit of the characters to be used when posting an update. Nevertheless, your content should be like a girl’s skirt – long enough to cover the main topic and short enough to maintain the curiosity of the people.

5. Use pictures rather than just words

Images and videos catch the attraction of your followers more than the bare text. Remember to use appropriate colors in your images. Logos, brands and other designs can also maximize marketing results.

6. Monitor your social media account

A good social media strategy that surely make you go forward in the right direction is to monitor your social media account daily, weekly or monthly. Weekly or fortnightly monitoring is the most convenient option for this purpose. There are numerous popular and free social media management tools that cover multiple platforms and provide a weekly report that analyzes your engagement and social performance. Some of these tools come up with two plans – free and business. Hence, you may choose what to do with the app and how much you want to invest.

Marketing lets people know about your brand, demonstrating the unique features of your business to your followers. Through proper marketing, people would realize that they could approach you for their translation assignments, hence increasingly allowing your translation business to flourish.

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular nowadays; since more and more people are connecting to it daily, it has become a wholesale market for all and a place of choice. More people means more customers, and more customers means more money. Therefore, don’t forget to feature some significant points in your ads such as your specialties, the major languages you mastered, how fast your services are, and other things that may attract your customers.

Marketing has always done wonders in enhancing businesses. However, you need to be careful in selecting the suitable methodology. Creating and maintaining a social media network, if done properly, can be your best bet because of the “law of average” – social media networking gives you an opportunity to interact with a huge number of customers at once.

Running a translation business in not an easy job and advertising this service can be tougher when you want effective results. Thankfully, social media marketing can now provide your business a number of marketing strategies in order to generate more customers and to put ideas in growing the business into practice.

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