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What do you understand about Brazilian Portuguese Localization and Translation defines your knowledge about the brazilian market and the importance of investing in the same. Brazil is one of the most dynamic and bustling economies of the world. In this article, we will discuss the basics and importance localizing and translating the content in Brazilian Portuguese..

What Is Brazilian Portuguese?

Brazilian Portuguese or Portuguese Brasileiro is a common set of dialects spoken by the people of Brazil. It is an offshoot of the combination of Brazilian and Portuguese. Although it is not the official language of the country of Brazil, it is spoken by almost 200 million people inhabiting the country and also by another two million Brazilians who immigrated to other parts of the world over the years. Furthermore, many major industries rely upon language for growth.

As we know, Brazil is a huge market for tourism thanks to its number of UNESCO heritage sites and popular tourist destinations. This calls for Certified Portuguese Translation if an international tours and tourism organization wants to operate in Brazil. Another important aspect which is noteworthy is the fact that Brazilian Portuguese has significantly different prosody and phonily when compared to the original Portuguese.

Brief Intro Of Brazilian Market

As mentioned above the Brazilian market is very attractive to tour and travel operators from across the globe. In terms of population, it has 200 million currently staying in the country, and it has the 8th largest GDP or Gross Domestic Product in the world. If you look in terms of only Latin America, it has the highest GDP and only comes second in the entire Western Hemisphere. Additionally, the country has a Purchasing Power Parity or PPP at 12487.40 USD on an average.

The conclusion that Brazil is an exciting market for many is due to several reasons. Mentioned below are some of them:

1. The World Bank has classified Brazil as being an upper middle economy in terms of its GDP and PPP.

2. It is on the verge of becoming a global power and experts predict that it might become a superpower in the years to come.

3. It attracts more than 6.6 million international tourists every year which contributes to more than 6.2 billion dollars to the economy every year.

4. It is one of the largest coffee producers in the entire world.

5. The economy of Brazil is highly dynamic and holds a huge potential for anyone wanting to explore this market.

All in all, it takes an aggressive attitude for a business to establish its foot here, but the rewards of doing this are much greater, and one can reap them for years to come. Ensure you know how to choose translation agency so that you can get translators who are well-experienced and professionals.

Why Brazil’s Culture is so Unique?

As mentioned above Brazil holds the 8th position in terms of GDP and PPP. Despite its ups and downs in the previous years, it is a very lucrative market for organizations and companies alike. But in order to set up a successful business in this bustling and dynamic economy, one needs to properly understand the uniqueness of this country as well as the Cultural Considerations Involved in Translation.

a)- In order to develop a business relationship in Brazil, one needs to follow a different approach than what they might follow in other parts of the world. Brazilians often prefer a C2C or consumer to consumer business collaboration rather than a B2B or business to business collaboration.

b)- In general, the populace of this country is friendly and welcoming to foreign individuals, but they expect us to maintain certain decorums and customs especially on formal occasions.

c)- The crowd places a very high value on personal connection, so in order to establish a business in this market, one needs to have a strong connection with locals and the general populace.

d)- You should expect a series of meetings and phone calls in order to establish a personal connection, even before setting foot on the soil, because of the above-mentioned point.

e)- A traditional approach works best when you are trying to sell any product at this market since they purchase highly on impulse rather than research.

f)- Although the country has advanced in terms of technology, e-commerce hasn’t been able to woo the general crowd.

g)- Also, the use of electrical modes of payment such as debit and credit cards are not common, and people tend to pay often in cash.

h)- As with other countries, it is of utmost importance to give preference to the local language rather communicating in English. Hence, content localization is very important.

How To Begin With Localization?

If you have done your research and have decided to start operations in Brazil, you must opt for localization, without which your business is sure to fail. Mentioned below are some important points to consider –

1. As mentioned above it is critical to use the local language for communication above anything else. Even if you don’t learn the language, the first thing you should do is get your website localized. Here you can take professional translation help.

2. Along with your website, all official documents like brochures, fliers, as well as outdoor and indoor signs need to be localized. This move will appeal to the locals a lot since this will show that you are considerate towards their culture and are making an effort to get involved in the local economy. After, everything is done, do opt for localization testing, for better results.

3. Brazilians, in general, have a great sense of humour. They openly express their feelings and emotions and therefore a touch of humour will be well appreciated by them.

4. One of the most important points to consider in your localization efforts is to use Brazilian Portuguese instead of European Portuguese, as it is the local language of the nation. Therefore always hire an experienced translation service above anything else.

5. As in other countries, communication via phone calls and email exchanges are important but adding an extra Skype video call option will hugely appeal to the crowd. This is because of the fact that Brazilian business partners prefer face to face communication over any other mode.

6. Advertising your business is one of the most important aspects. As mentioned above, Brazilians love their language and culture, so by using a local advertising agency which can add to your marketing efforts a truly local flavour, will act as an advantage.

Important Points to Keep in Mind When Localizing for the Brazilian Market

In addition to the above tips and tricks, here are some important points to consider when you are looking forward to accurate localization for the Brazilian market:

A)- Hour and date format- Unlike the rest of the world where the English date and time format is Month-Day-Year, in Brazilian Portuguese, the format is Day-Month-Year. While localizing your website and other official materials be sure to make this change. Because if you get this wrong, it might lead to serious confusion and disastrous effects. Also, Brazilians do not follow the AM PM format, and therefore it is better to stick to the 24-hour format during all localization efforts.

B)- Text Length- When using Brazilian Portuguese you will come across several phrases which are longer than the English text. For example, the English phrase “opening hours” translates to “horário de funcionamento” when translated to Brazilian Portuguese. Therefore you need to consider this fact when you are localizing your content. With all this information you can know the top advantages of translation.

C)- Accented words- Similar to other languages and cultures, accent is an important aspect when communicating in Brazilian Portuguese. When you are localizing your content, make sure that accents specific to Brazilian Portuguese are considered as it will appeal to more customers and make your products more trustworthy and sellable.

D)- Address format- Unlike the rest of the world, where ZIP codes are usually five digits long, Brazil has a nine-digit CEP code. This code has to be mandatorily mentioned whenever writing an address and therefore whenever making a form either on your website or other official documents don’t forget to include this. Additionally, you should also include a City Field in all of your forms.

E)- Currency format- The official currency of Brazil is the Brazilian Real which is abbreviated as BRL. While in other parts of the world people use commas to denote a higher amount and dots to indicate decimals, the system is quite the opposite in Brazil. In order to understand this better, take the example of $15,000.65 in English. This amount will be represented as R$15.000,65 in Brazilian Portuguese.

F)- Units of measure- Unlike the United States or the United Kingdom where pounds is used for the measurement of weight, Brazilians use Kilograms and Grams. Other common units used in the country are litre, watt and kilometre for water, electricity and distance respectively.

In order to make your localization efforts successful, you need a partner who can not only understands Brazilian Portuguese but is also capable of providing accurate Language Localization.

We at Tridindia have been ranked as one of the best localization experts in the world. With several years of experience in the Brazilian market, we will be your best translation partner in this dynamic and hugely potential market.

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