Is It Necessary to Judge a Translation Agency before Hiring it?

Fakism.. fakism.. fakism.. Its fakism everywhere..!! In today’s world, when you cannot trust even on your bestest friend. Do you believe that a company (which has no relation with you in the past) will stand true on your expectations and trust? It’s harrowing, but it’s true. You cannot believe any service provider in this modern era, especially in the translation industry. As the translation industry is today on peak, thus, the fake service providers know the fact that whatever the case may be, the companies will still go for translation, without even noticing that the service provider is a sham.

Actually, the problem is not with the forged translation service providers; the problem is with the organizations that need translation assistance. Don’t be shocked. The organizations today need to reach to the highest peak in the minimum time possible. Hence, in such an effort, they take the support of translation for bridging the gap between their domestic and international expansion and recognition. But, sometimes it happens that the translation is so literate or poor that the connecting bridge distorts and nothing remains, but a big big gap.

Henceforth, it is needless to say that yes, it is very important for an organization to undergo a thorough check of the translation company.

What Can I Do to Have a Complete Check?

So, now when you are ready to see the real picture; this is time to understand how you can indulge into a complete check of the translation company.

Have a look:

1. Check the Company’s Authenticity

First and foremost, it is critical to judge the authenticity quotient of the translation company. Research on the company and check if it is a private limited or public limited company. The company should definitely be one of them. If it is not, instantly click on the close icon and switch to another company. Generally, a private limited translation company is considered to contain a pool of qualified translators. However, this does not assure its quality standard. You need to look for more.

2. Enquire about the Number of Employees/Translators

Secondly, you must look at the number of employees or translators in the company. In this age of digitalization, it is very easy to fake about the term of experience, number of employees and other details online. Even a single person can start up a company and make false claims about the expert team in their company. So, use your resources or global contacts to check if the company has a large pool of talented translators and other employees, like DTP experts.

3. Rigorous Background Check

A rigorous background check of the company is very essential. Indulge yourself into a thorough research about the company, its foundation year, its foundation motive, its history, its progress story, its specializations, its clients and other allied details. Background check of the company’s owner is also beneficial.

4. Check the Quality Parameters

This is one of the most important elements that should be present on your checklist. Quality is the sole support that can help you sail through. You must enquire about the quality checking procedure followed by the translation company. An ideal and genuine translation company follows a stringent quality procedure, wherein the translated text passes through a number of quality tests.

5. Check the Translation History

You must also check the translation history of the company, i.e. check or enquire about the translation projects that the company might have taken in the past. This will give you an idea about whether the company is capable enough to handle your translation assignment or not.

6. Regulation of Norms

You must also assure that the company follows all the legal norms. If the company is not loyal to the norms set by the government, how can you be so sure that the company would be loyal to you? So, checking whether the company is honest, at following all the governmental rules and regulations is very important on your part. You can check if the company follows PF or ESI act, does not violate the child labour rule (i.e. no employee should have an age less than 18 years), offers basic salary to the employees and so on.

7. Check the Star Rating

You must also check for the star rating of the company. If you will search for any translation company online, you will find the rating (with symbol of stars) of the company below their name. Higher the rating, higher will be the chances that the company is a genuine one.

Beware From Being a Fool

So, it is your responsibility to invest your money at the correct place. There may be a number of fraudulent service providers in the market, just to trap and fool you around. It is you and only you, who can save yourself from such sham activities. Research properly and outsource the translation services to a reputable and genuine translation service provider.

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