How to Kick Start Turkish Translation Career from Scratch ?

What can a beginner Turkish translator expect more than a complete pathway that leads to success? Every person who wishes to build his career in the translation industry looks for certain ways that can help him start his career from scratch. But, it has been observed that most of the people who aspire for a translation, do not even know how to actually give a kick start to their career. If you are among those then not to worry…!! All of us, at some point of time decide to choose a particular industry for job. But, on the contrary, we do not even know how to approach that job or career.

So, being a Turkish translation aspirer, you must first of all know about the job description.

Job Role and Job Description

According to an English to Turkish Translation Company, the translator at beginner level requires to perform different tasks like:

■ Translate written documents into/from Turkish language
■ Translate documents related to different industries, like academics, business, medical, legal etc.
■ Checking the quality of translation and submitting it to the client

Further, the beginner Turkish translator must be versed in the following skills:

Skills required:

■ Fluent in Turkish and English (or other) language
■ Expertise in any specific industry
■ Knowledge about industry specific terminologies
■ Reading and listening skills
■ Judgment qualities
■ Capability to handle deadlines
■ Good general knowledge

Although these requirements change from one employer to the other, but, these are some of the basic career needs.

Move Further Step By Step

Now, when you are aware of the job role and description, it’s now time to move further step by step:

1. Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree is a minimum qualification need that is normally required for nay translator. Thus, first of all, you will have to take admission into a professional bachelor’s degree program. These requirements are subject to the requirements of the employer. However, you will be asked for a professional bachelor’s degree at every global organization.

2. Gain Fluency

Gaining fluency in a foreign language like the Turkish language is very important for assuring success. This way you will be able to translate idioms and slang words, keeping the meaning intact. You must be fluent in Turkish language and other language as well, so that your credibility is increased. In the language program, you will be taught about the Turkish folklore, history and culture. This will greatly help you. You can even visit turkey to have a fun experience while learning.

3. Experience

While you are learning the language, you can look for internship in any company that deals with translation or requires translation. You may easily get an entry level job. Thus, you will have a portfolio of work experience in your hand, which will benefit you in the long run. Further, you can also join translators’ associations. Such associations will greatly help you in finding an entry level job.

Take Your First Step Today

This is the correct time to start your career. Do not try to make a big jump; rather take small baby steps. Small small baby steps will lead to a bright future ahead. You must realize that this is the moment. It is now or never. So, start preparing yourself from this instance itself. Wishing you luck for a sparkling and twinkling career..!!

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