Will New Chinese Translation Guidelines Eliminate Engrish?

With the advent of updated Chinese translation guidelines, the engrish slang language seems to come to an end. Engrish is generally used by the Japanese, who have a tendency to English alphabets “L” and “R” for one another. But, China had been producing hilariously bad translations, since years.

So, now, when new guidelines have been issued, will it end the slang engrish?

Looking at the History-

Chinese translation history can be seen from Zhou dynasty in 1100 BC. The translators at that time were government clerks. Their main aim was to translate from one language to another without breaking the original meaning. Later on, evolution occurred and the concept of manuscripts translation and western political classics came up. The criteria of the latter were fluency, faithfulness and elegance. So, why did the translation turned 360 degree and produced poor results?

Why China Failed?

China failing at translation cannot be counted as individual fault. Both of the languages, viz. English and Chinese are very different languages. Thus, thus, translating Chinese in English often became a challenge for the small businesses. On top of this, not having business funds, lack of professional experts’ assistance, dependability on machine translation and others contributed in hilarious mistakes in translation.

Thus, the Chinese government, decided to clean up all such awkward, obscene and wrong translations. Before the Olympics in Beijing and World Expo in Shanghai in 2008 and 2010 respectively, huge clean-up campaigns took place, in order to use proper English translation and names.

New Guidelines Issued-

It is said that the new translation guidelines issued will surely eliminate the poor translation and will help in improving reputation of the country. New guidelines are applicable on 13 sectors including food, transportation, medical, entertainment, medicine, etc. Everyone hopes that the effects of these guidelines will bring a positive picture and it would remain long lasting. People residing in china narrates that poor translation has affected many sectors and has even hindered the scope of multilingual society.

Is That an End of Engrish?-

The question lies that whether the new guidelines will bring an end to engrish? It is true, as when there are language barriers, accurate language translation can never be disseminated. Government is also playing a key role in improvising this sector. But the thing is how much time it will take to remove such bad examples of translation. There are many agencies, software and translators who will keep promising for best services. But will that practically be possible?

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