Exploring the Updated Vocabulary of Harry Potter Series!

Revisiting the world of Harry potter would be highly thrilling if you have the vocabulary of harry potter series in your pocket. The magical words have always been very tough. But, children Love to use them in their real life, without even knowing their actual meaning. So, here is the guide carrying the actual meaning of the words devised by J.k. Rowling. This will surely help out in making conversation with your friends, who love Harry Potter

Original Series Guide-

● Animagus means transforming into animals by wizards.
● Auror is a detective, searching dark wizards.
● Muggles means humans that are not magical.
● Apparate means to disappear
● Floo powder is a magical powder allowing to disappear
● Golden snitch is a small golden ball.
● Marauder’s map showed live Hogwarts castle.
● Patronus is a good spirit that protects.
● Quidditch a match played with broomsticks.

Words Used For Dark Arts-

● Death eaters are a group of evil wizards.
● Dementors are creepy emotional vampires.
● Dark mark was the symbol of death eaters.
● Horcrux is an object where wizard’s soul is hidden
● Mudblood relates insulting with muggle parents.

Vocabulary of Spell Casters –

Most of the words used were derived from Latin. It requires a lot of practice to spell the words correctly-

● Avada Kedavra is the signature curse of voldemort.
● Accio brings an object near you.
● Crucio brings a target in pain.
● Expecto Patronum means in need of protection.
● Imperio is a mind control word.
● Incendio is a fireball spell to burn.
● Lumos means to create light.

Vocabulary from Fantastic Beasts-

Magizoology is the study of magical beasts.
No-maj is American word of muggle.
MACUSA is the ministry of magic.
Obscurus is the destructive force put over wizards.
Occamy is a beast carrying snake or bird like characteristics.
Erumpnet is a magical rhinoceros.

This is one of the most difficult vocabularies used in Harry Potter series. The words are tough to spell, but the magic always evades on children. They get thrilled while using such magical words that create a new world in your mind.

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