Are Your Content Writings Scaring Your Customers Away? [6 Reasons]

You might have excellent topics to write on. You invest a lot of time in polishing your work. Then why is this happening?

Why are readers tapping the “back” button like it’ll secure their lives?

Why are you receiving zero comments, zero shares and zero subscriptions?

Here’s the why.

It’s because you’re making some mistakes in your content writing that are scaring your customers away.

In this article, you’ll know why your important content writing is scaring your customers and how to get rid of them.

Reasons Why Your Content Writings Are Scaring Your Customers Away

So, what mistakes do the writers make? Here is the unavoidable list that you need to check:

1- Poor Content

Where do you go when you really want to consume a good informative blog?

On the trusted sources. Normally, people do this. Whenever they view your blog, they’ll give it a fast glance.

They’ll ask:

a)- Will this blog solve my problem?

b)- Will the reading process be really fast?

If the answer is “no”, then readers won’t spend much time reading the same. Because this content may have irrelevant or old data, full of filler and fluff, difficult to understand jargon, long texts, etc.

Even if you are thinking to importantly make your content global with localization, make sure your content is not poor.

2- Making Your Readers Feel Worthless

You might have the experience, skills, and techniques your readers are completely clueless about. But knowing more than them doesn’t imply you should look down on them.

Take note: Speaking to readers in a better way will have them rolling their eyes.

3- Targeting The Wrong Audience

Many writers fail to know who are their target audience.

They keep writing, delivering passion as well as magnificence in everything they say.

Some writers don’t actually care about this factor. They keep targeting the wrong audience. As a result, the readers have no other option left than simply just ignoring your blogs.

4- Your Content is Not Unique

Here’s something that’ll surely amaze you.

You aren’t the only writer in your niche.

What’s shocking is that several people realize this. But, they act as if they didn’t and keep burdening the internet with their crucial article writing having generic content.

If you’re doing this with your content, stop this today itself.

Saying what’s already been conveyed in the same way it’s been said is a definite way to be ignored.

Instead, you should go beyond this.

Write something new that would leave a lasting impression on the audience and makes them curious.

5- Avoid Proofreading Before Publishing

Doing this writing sin is a big disaster.

Writing quality is among the key factors that determine how likely readers are going to read your stuff.

This, to some level, will change their opinions about you and your brand.

If your different types of content writing have several grammatical or spelling errors, your customers will question your professionalism. Even the effectiveness and quality of your products and services will  be questioned.


Because your content clearly reflects your products. If your content is filled with mistakes, the basic belief is that your products and services won’t do any better.

6- Believe that More Content Means More Traffic

You’ve heard a lot on the web that among the many ways to gain Google’s trust is to be updating your blog constantly. However, you shouldn’t load your blog with waste just to meet the “requirement”.

You simply need to change your thinking.

It’s good to publish single quality and more informative blog writing per week.

The ideal practice is always to take your time and make sure every content you publish on your blog will be well-received.

That said, if you want a good amount of time and think you can be frequently publishing many quality content/week, you can.

But remember: “never sacrifice quality for quantity.”

In Conclusion

Maybe you have been wondering why you are not receiving the desired outcomes from your content.

Can you go through your content once again and match it with the list here? Maybe you’ve made some above-mentioned mistakes.

If so, this is the best time to make the required changes and save your brand image from crumbling under the burden of badly written content.

If writing is not your cup of tea, essentially hire content writing agency that can write engaging content pieces for you.

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