Know Your Comprehensive Document Translation Checklist [7 Essential Points]

If a business wants to operate in a new market, you need to make sure everything works in the best way. For this, it is important to contact a translation company that has professional translators. Do you know how translators work to provide the great and accurate translation?

The translator’s task is not only translating. They have to read, analyze, research terminologies, planning to meet deadlines, review, and post-editing. To better understand the complexity of the professional document translation process there are some important steps that are followed to get text-translated content both methodically and professionally.

Instead of coming up with the other checklist, here is a comprehensive checklist to provide better translation solutions to the customers. Given below checklist will definitely help to go through the translation project and check that you have followed as per the project’s instructions and specifications.

1. Understand Project Requirements

When translators work on the project, they must start by looking at the client requirements and for following things:

• Format of the document
• Source and target languages
• Target audience
• Word count
• Time given for allocated work
• Reference materials any required

It is better to provide human-translated content. If customer accepts the best human translation for the project requirements, sign an agreement with all the terms agreed.

2. Complete Project Analysis

Once the project is accepted, translators must start reading the source text entirely and try to understand the general meaning. Then, analyze it deeply and underline the important words and expressions that are confusing and difficult to render in the target language.

They also need to answer these general questions:

What is the style of the text?
What vocabulary is used?
What is the writer’s purpose?
What are the key elements?

3. Better Research

When the translators are done with the basic step, they now have to look for the words and find their nature and the context. They can take help from a bilingual dictionary and use their knowledge to find the correct and final choice for the particular words in the original document. When you will know the Importance of Translation properly, you will understand the difficulty in doing it and how translators work to provide the best results.

They must try to clarify any doubts or errors in the source text. They need to do proper research on the subject, reference documents and work best to create quality and accurate translated files.

4. Translation of Project

After the preparation work is completed the translators can start translating the given project. It is important that immensely urgent translation for business should be done by a native speaker and professional translator. The native speaker has better knowledge of the target language and will use the best words of the language to ensure a high level of accuracy and consistency.

The professional translators will translate the content with fewer errors and high accuracy. A clear, concise, well-constructed written material improves language translation quality. This also reduces turnaround time and cuts additional costs that accelerate revenue streams.

5. Proofreading

Translators should check their translation and do proofreading. It is important to check that there are no omissions and changes in the style and the tone. When there is the major need of translating content, the content must be correct and culturally relevant. Given below are some important things to pay attention to:

• punctuation,
• spelling,
• grammar and syntax
• colloquialisms and idioms
• false cognates
• offensive terminology
• linguistic patterns

With these, it is also important to check for Font size, Font consistency, Line spacing, Text flow around graphics, Translation of proper nouns as well.

6. Quality Assessment

Translators need to read their translation to be sure what they have written. They must ensure to provide the final version only after a complete quality check. The quality control check must be carried out by only language professionals.

The translators must follow robust quality control procedures to provide quality content. While machine translation may give some errors and it is preferred to choose an agency that takes advantage of its human resources.

7. On-Time Project Delivery

The most important point is the project delivery. Translators have to make sure to deliver the translated text to the client as per conditions and before the deadline. The company must be employing great translators that can make sure to guarantee a great translation every time and also within the time.

To avoid any pitfalls, there are some important points to keep in mind when writing for translation. All the sentences should be simple and well written to increase understanding.


Prior to approaching a translation company, it is important to go through the following checklist. Get the most accurate translation from a professional company. Choose quality language translation solutions from Tridindia who has experts to provide the best translation solutions.

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