Do’s And Don’ts Of Employee Hiring

Hiring employees is one thing, but hiring good employees is something else altogether. Hiring employees is a mandatory task but hiring good employees becomes a matter of talent. The employees an organisation hires can mean the difference between success and failure. This is what makes employee hiring one of the most important functions of any organisation, big or small.

There are several criteria that need to be met while hiring employees. The bigger the business, the more complicated the hiring process will turn out to be. Whether the hiring is temporary or permanent, below given are some factors that need to be given due consideration:

Description about the job
Recruitment process
Interviewing employees
Job offer
Employee registration as well as induction and orientations
Job training

The cost of hiring the wrong candidate is significantly greater than the cost of hiring a more dynamic and creative person. The perfect solution is to avoid this problem altogether by hiring a professional recruiter who will take all your requirements into consideration and will economically fill up the position with an ideal candidate.

So, finding the right fit is crucial for exponential growth and taking the organisation forward. When looking for the perfect employee, there are some dos and dont’s that one must follow, which are given below:

Do’s of Employee Hiring

• Incorporate A Task-Based Element In The Hiring Process

Proper training is required to train candidates in order to achieve the desired organisational results, but a duty-oriented task will help you in determining whether or not they have the basic skill sets that fit the required job profile.

A company’s skill assessment task can take many forms. For writing profile jobs, you may ask your candidates to submit a writing sample. On the other hand, for jobs that require the use of certain skills, you can conduct a skills test that will gauge their capability for a particular role.

• Verify Backgrounds And References When Hiring Employees

Background checks are one of the most vital aspects involved in hiring a new employee. You need to authenticate that your candidate in fact possesses all the presented credentials, skills and experience. The background checks must incorporate previous work samples, educational qualifications, employment references and also the legal history of the potential employee if any.

A lot of resumes contain fake or tweaked information about a candidate, so employers need to ensure that t they are getting what they signed up for when hiring a particular employee. It’s also wise to acquire a written consent from every candidate before performing a background check.

• Look For Career Oriented Individuals

You will want to hire candidates who are loyal and dedicated to their career. Hiring an employee with a tendency of switching jobs for salary increments might not be in your best long-term interests.

Hiring a person that is not loyal to your company can affect your organisation. Also, ensure that you check the candidate’s previous job duration and if they are in the habit of switching jobs frequently, then they are not the perfect fit for your company.

• Constantly Check For Compatibility

Look for employees that can fit well in your company’s culture. The compatibility quotient is a really big deal. Look for the candidate’s social skills, to find out whether they can get along with existing employees and managers.

Any prospective employee should be eager to work with you. Around 89% of hiring failures arise because of cultural fit. It’s important to ensure that a candidate’s personal and esteem values matches with the values of your organisation.

• Be Personable

Candidates’ perception of an interviewer can play a major role in their behavior during a meeting. If their potential boss seems cold or distant they might feel uncomfortable and this can affect their performance in a negative way.

Most interviewers ask candidates to talk about themselves at the beginning of an interview. This approach may sound clichéd, but it helps the candidate warm up. It’s better to maintain an open, friendly body language and ask follow up questions during the interview.

While making your candidates feel comfortable is important, you should not hesitate from asking further questions if you feel that any of the answers given are vague. The whole point of an interview is to get all the required information in order to make a knowledgeable hiring decision.

Dont’s of Employee Hiring

• Avoid Asking Personal Questions

Keep the hiring process legal by avoiding personal questions about a candidate. Employers are forbidden from asking questions that demand personal information including nationality, religion, sexual orientation etc.

Avoid asking questions that refer to a candidate’s marital status like “Are you married?” “Are you in a relationship?” as these questions are not related to the job and can be in legal violation.

Also, avoid asking questions related to an applicant’s health status like “Are you disabled?” or “Have you ever suffered from a disability?” as it can land you in legal hot water, not to mention that your candidate may feel insulted in the process.

• Skipping The Reference Check

A candidate might give you a great feeling during the interview, but its important to remember that ‘great feeling’ does not necessarily translate to a great employee. The reference check is the best way to get feedback on the candidate’s traits and individuality. By conducting a successful reference check and assessing the feedback that you receive in the right setting can contribute to your employee selection process.

• Don’t Skip The Phone Interview

A short telephonic interview can be a big timesaver, as they can provide valuable information about a potential candidate whether they meet all the basic requirements and fit well with the job profile or not.

There are some candidates who rarely include information like salary structure in their resume, so by making a phone call you will get a better idea about what salary they are getting and what they are expecting in future. Hiring an employee encompasses provision of insurance, payroll and other aspects along with their monthly wages.

You can make use of software such as Skype to conduct video interviews to gauge the person’s performance as well as making the company policies clear to them for greater transparency.

• Overemphasise Experience

Work experience can be an indication of maturity and leadership traits that are quite important in any organisation. It indicates that if a person has worked for long time in a similar job, he/she will be able to adapt quickly and grow. However making a hiring decision is rarely as easy as looking at resumes.

Instead of looking for a candidate who is knowledgeable or experienced in a field, search for an adaptable candidate who learns quickly. Hire the one who can work alone as well as a part of the team, knows how to take training and productive feedback. This way you will hire a candidate that will prove to be an asset for the company rather than a liability.

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