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Do’s And Don’ts Of Employee Hiring

Hiring employees is one thing, but hiring good employees is something else altogether. Hiring employees is a mandatory task but hiring good employees becomes a matter of talent. The employees an organisation hires can mean the difference between success and failure. This is what makes employee hiring one of the most important functions of any […]
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5 Ways People Analytics Impacts Human Resources

Data analysis is steadily and firmly becoming one of the most important factors governing and guiding the decision-making processes in business houses worldwide, is no revelation anymore. Yet, how the astounding potential of data analysis is tapped to gain most favorable results in various business sectors, still remains to be largely elusive for common enterprises […]
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7 Issues of Human Resource Functions for Small Sized Firms

All the Entrepreneurs across the globe agree that Human Resource Functions or human resource management is not just a mere part of the company; rather it is the soul of a company. It is the most important resource for small, medium and even the large businesses. Apart from hiring and retaining experienced and well-motivated employees, […]
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10 Rationales Behind Outsourcing Human Resources Functions

Most of the small to medium sized business entrepreneurs are agitated towards spending much of their time in non-revenue generating HR activities. From manpower planning and payroll to perks and compensation, the managers and directors spend a considerable proportion of their day engaged in these imperative but time consuming tasks. The only solution for majority […]
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