Why Do You Need a Professional Event Interpretation Company: 3 Tips To Keep In Mind

Planning an interpreting session during an event, – be it a trade show or a workshop – is not an easy task. It involves a lot of budgeting, planning and organization of a range of stuff that combine together to form a perfect event. Even a minute negligence from your end can make the event useless or unproductive for the audience. So, how do you prepare for the event interpretation or how do you make sure that it turns out to be successful?

If this is the first time that you are organizing an event that requires interpretation, this blog is the right resource of information for you. So, stay tuned and get ready to make your interpretation event, a major success.

Reasons To Hire Professional Interpreting Company

Before we get started with understanding the right tips for interpretation, you must first of all, understand why you need a high grade interpretation company to fulfill your needs.

♦ Crystal-Clear Communication

No matter the subject of your event is complex or an easy one, communication is something that must be flown in a smooth manner. Professional companies work with experienced interpreters who do not just have proficiency in the source and target languages, but also in the subject of the event, for example, medical, technical or legal.

♦ Cultural Accuracy

Maintaining the tone and meaning of what is being said is very important. But, cultural accuracy is often left unattended. Professionals understand how important it is to interpret the spoken sentences, according to the cultural preferences of the target audience. Hence, a few words which have an offending meaning in the target language or culture are communicated in a manner that explains the essence of the original sentence.

♦ Consistency

Professionals maintain consistency in their work, which you cannot expect from your staff member or a relative speaking two or more languages. They are professionally trained, they have got formal education in language/ interpretation and know how interpretation works. Hence, if you believe that any random person in your acquaintances could take care of interpretation in your event, you are wrong.

All-in-all, it can be said that a professional hand to help you with event interpretation is very important. You just need to choose the right interpretation company. Once you are done with it, you will need not to worry about anything. Right from setting up the interpretation company to providing interpretation through talented interpreters, everything will be taken care of by the company. However, this may vary depending on the services offered by the company.

Effective Tips

Now when you know the reasons behind hiring a professional interpretation company, it is time to understand a few tips to improve conference interpreting and carry out the process in a smooth manner.

1. Coordinate With The Project Manager

You need to be in coordination with the project manager of the company, so as to ensure everything runs as per the plan. He or she will be a single point of contact between your organization and the interpreters. It will be his/her duty to ensure that the technical support and project management on-site is up to the mark.

2. Describe The Layout Beforehand

Way before the event is organized, you must pay a site visit to understand the layout of the rooms and check the available space for interpretation. Note down every point that you observe and convey it to the company. Generally, interpretation should be carried out in a single room. But, if you feel that you will need multiple sessions of interpretation, you will require more number of interpreters.

3. Do Not Be Rigid In Your Requirement

When looking for simultaneous interpreters, most of the business owners tend to be very rigid in their requirement. They ask companies to provide only 1 interpreter, no matter how long the interpreting session is going to be. They fail to understand the fact that delivering effective language interpretation in simultaneous mode is a very hefty task, requiring a lot of concentration and efforts. Hence, you need to hire a pair of interpreters (at least for long-duration interpretation) who can take breaks and assure quality output.

With these tips in mind and the support of the right interpretation company, you can clearly gain the experience of a fulfilling and successful event interpretation. At TridIndia, we provide quality interpretation under the guidance of talented and experienced interpreters.

If you are planning to organize an event which caters to multilingual audiences, we are the right platform to help you get started. Be it organizing interpretation (in India) or providing you the best interpreters, we help you with everything.

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