Top 10 Amazing Facts about Persians and Persian

When you start unleashing facts about Persia and Persians, you will be pleasantly surprised to dig in to the unknown world. Let’s just get into the basic first and you will be so glad to have chosen this language as part of your translated service. If you want to check on the Persian language invention, then it dated back to 550-330 BCE. The Parsa people used to work on this language, and they were the ones to rule Iran at that time.

Right after the language got its establishment, it became the language of the Persian Empire and widely spoken for so many years, and till date. The language has been used in likes of Russia, India, Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean. From the time this language has been incepted to present days, it has evolved and went through so many changes to be the modern language of modern world. Right now, this language is widely spoken in:

And in some parts of the Uzbekistan

Some Facts About The Persian Culture:

So, the language diversity has already interested you enough to head for this language. But just like the language, the Persian culture is something which you should be aware of. Once you are aware of these cultural facts, you will definitely and blindly fall in love with this culture.

1. Some Countries Focusing On This Language:

This Persian language is mainly native to Pars province, which is located in South Iran. It is known to make up for the various numbers of ethnicities, which otherwise form the major part of Iranian nationality. Iranians, right now, are known to have head for various nations.

2. Some Language Variations Over Here:

You can see this language widely spoken in:

Afghanistan, where it is known as Dari
Tajikistan, where Persian language is known as Tajiki
Tajikistan and the area as mentioned above

3. Iranians And Their Love Towards History:

Iranians are definitely known to be quite proud of their histories. The history of this place is one of the longest and more interesting ones you have ever come across. So, you will find Iranian to be quite proud of that. They are quite proud of their history and the culture, whose part they are.

4. They Love Their Families:

Family is always the central point for the Iranians. They are mostly bigger families with grandparents and grandchildren staying together. Right from great food to sitting together and eating, they prefer doing everything together.

5. For Them Hospitality Matters A Lot:

This is another thing you better learn about Persians. They are welcoming in every sense possible. They are always likely to head start a conversation by asking about your origin and where you came from. If you stay with them, you will be staying in traditional manner. They ensure you comfort and cook meal for you, which is completely homemade.

6. Using Old Currency Even Now:

The oldest currency of Iran is the Iranian Toman. It has later been replaced in the year 1932 by Rial. Most of the time, you will be asked to pay for the commodities using the cold currency Toman. However, if you want, you can even pay in the modern currency as well, as you have flexibility in that.

7. The Civilization Is An Ancient One:

The Iranian history dates back to 1000 years and more, making it one of the oldest ones you can ever think of. Around 6 out of 10 people are below the age of 30, making the population one of the youngest in the world too.

8. Inventor Of The Practical Windmills:

It was around the 500-900 AD, when the Iranians were dated to invent the windmills. At that time, the windmills were used for grinding grains or drawing up water. That makes windmills quite perfect for the proper use in industry and it is rather a functioning one even now.

9. Inventor Of The Postal Service:

It is widely and strongly believed that the first ever postal service came from Persia and around 550 BC. It was the ruling time of Cyrus and the postal service was created for delivering post to the citizens on time. Along with that, he requested for proper roads to get the mails delivered without much hassle.

10. They Maintain Their Country’s Image Abroad:

Most of the Iranians rally care about their image in foreign countries. They are always willing to know what foreigners think about them and their cultures. Moreover, they want the world to know that their country is a safe abode and a perfect place to go for a trip.

These are few of the major facts, which make Persia a glowing place to be and Persians friendliest of all people. They know how to be polite to people even foreigners. So, if you ever get time, you can always head for this place and enjoy your time.

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