Do You Know The Most Spoken Future Language Of Your Customers?

Speaking customer’s language is a growing concern amongst international businesses. They keep searching for the Most Spoken Languages of the Future, so that their business could reach out as well as appeal to the target audience.

Since few decades, a lot of changes have been observed, especially in the way global brands communicate to their customers. Business is no more a local thing; it has been globalized. Companies now use a more linguistic-focused approach, with a view to touch the emotional chords of the customers.

Always remember that if you succeed in connecting with the audience emotionally, you will be able to convert your target customers into loyal consumers. This becomes highly important to understand to ensure successful marketing translation.

Why You Need To Think Beyond English?

English is the lingua franca of the global business world. Almost all businesses use this language to communicate with their customer, business delegates or business counterparts.

But, do you think every single person within your target market speaks or prefers to speak the said language? No, certainly not.

People love their mother tongue languages, and even if they have a basic knowledge of English, they do not prefer in communicating the same.

Here are some of the facts that justify the same –

72% customers purchase a product only after acquiring product information in their own language.

50% customers weigh local language more than the product price.

72% customers love to browse any website in their native language.

Apart from these statistics, if you look at the European market, you’ll find that even after being bilingual or multilingual, the European customers prefer brands that speak to them in their mother tongue. This is why many companies targeting this market, opt for cost effective translation services for marketing.

Here are some of the statistics found in an American research report –

20% of European customers strictly neglect websites in other languages.

90% of European customers have a huge preference towards websites that contain content in their native language.

40% of European customers never close a deal on a website containing content in a different language.

In simple words, understanding or speaking your customers’ language is an absolute necessity, if you desire to become an international hit.

If you do not have multilingual content writers or marketing team in-house, you can outsource translation for market research, so that your brand message, marketing collaterals and other stuff is perfectly translated and localized to appeal the audience.

Is It Necessary To Speak Future Languages?

When you think to head to the future business, you have to prepare yourself with more ideas and business tools. Communication is the best way to lure customers and if it is done in their native language, there can be nothing better than that.

So, you need to keep track of all the popular business languages and adopt your content and marketing strategies accordingly.

At this point, you should also understand the benefits of knowing a second language. Be it an individual or a business unit, a second language is known to have great benefits for both of them.

By transforming your monolingual business to bilingual or multilingual, you will certainly unlock several opportunities that you were missing out, until now.

    To accomplish this, you need to have productive translation strategies in place along with a diverse workforce.

Once you are adorned with multilingual power, nothing can stop you from shining out bright ion the global target market.

A second language is further important for convincing or persuading your customers. No matter how creative your brand message is, unless and until it does not persuade your customers to buy, it is of no use.

In such a case, a second language/ futuristic language/ customer’s native language is the ultimate weapon to convince your customers about your brand.

Most Important Languages to Learn For the Future Customers

Right from professional networking to academic collaboration and traveling etc. the contemporary world demands for the use of different languages across the globe.

Hence, it becomes very important for worldwide businesses to speak in a variety of languages. Today, when there are more than 7000 languages to speak, it often becomes difficult choose the customers’ language.

So, here are the top 10 languages for international business, apart from English and Spanish that are presently used and will continue to be used in the future to lure audiences. Mandarin is said as the most useful and spoken language that the future is going to adapt.

Let’s look at the other languages as well.

Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese) – 1.10 billion
Vietnamese – 67.9 million
French – 284.9 million
Arabic – 422 million
Korean – 77.2 million
German – 132.0 million
Russian – 264.3 million
Hindi – 697.4 million
Portuguese – 236.5 million
Tagalog (including Filipino) – 1.7 million

The growing use of these languages, boost major importance of website content translation that will help you grab customer’s attention easily. So, do not take the ‘language’ matter lightly.

In the globalized business world, it is ‘language’ and ‘translation’ that has kept clear communication alive.

Importance of Foreign Language in Business

By now, you must have understood that speaking in one language will not do any wonders for your business. Hence, it is extremely important to let your business speak in multiple languages.

But, before you do that you need to understand your target market. For example, you want to expand your business in India or your target audience is Indian audience.

Now, before making the first move towards affordable foreign document translation, you need to research whether or not, the target market has demand for a particular product that you deal with.

Generally, the Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, French and Spanish brands have a huge demand among Indian audiences. Be it entertainment, beauty, cosmetics, electronics or any other industry, India has a huge demand for the aforementioned global markets.

On the other hand, if you find no or less demand for a particular brand in the target market, you can translate your content and make the audience realize that they ‘need’ your product to make their tasks easier.

Many global brands have entered the Indian market with this strategy and are still reaping benefits of being a pioneer in the industry.

In simple words, if you use the right strategy in the right market, using the right language, you are sure to achieve global success. It will help you grab a strong hold in the worldwide economy.

But, simply knowing the popular languages to learn for business will not deliver the desired results.

You will have to make sure that the content is perfectly translated into the target language.

Honestly speaking, there are thousands of reliable Language Service Providers in the market today. But, not all of them provide you with a high quality translation output.

However, translations at TridIndia are greatly cherished and loved for the superlative quality and perfect use of style, tone and context as in source file.

The company has more than 15 years of experience in the translation domain and is known to offer all types of translation in 250+ Indian and foreign languages.

Further, translation projects are assigned to native translators, who clearly understand the language and cultural nuances of the target market.

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