Freelance Translators VS Agency’s Translators

Translation has become an integral part for most of the companies operating at global platform; in bridging effective communication between overseas clients/ customers. Translators serve as key person that helps in many cases such as: enclosing business deals, presentation and conferences, speech, marketing and promotional activities. But the most vital question that appears in the mind of every business personals is- whether to choose Freelance translators or Agency translators?

The above question is directly related to the cost. Freelance translators are way cheaper as compare to agency translators. But in case of freelance, you can’t be so sure whether he understands the business terminologies or not. What you are going to do if your freelance translator is not able to convert technical, legal and other business terminologies? You won’t be able to enclose any deals.

Below are some points that will help you to easily understand difference between freelance translators and agency’s translators.

1. Ability To Meet Tight Deadlines

A freelance translator does give surety whether they will perform their task on time or not. In the case of freelance the work is being performed by one person that can’t handle multiple tasks; resulting into delay translation.

Translators provided by Agency have undergone adverse training; skilled to provide translation with rapid turnaround time. At agency, task is being performed by multiple translators; ensuring faster turnaround time.

2. Technical Knowledge

Freelance might have outstanding speaking skills but that doesn’t make him a good translators. Is he/she qualified to assist you in business, legal or court cases?

Technical works requires technical knowledge. Agency can provide you translators as per your work requirement; ensures that your document is well translated.

3. Accuracy

Accuracy is defined by so many factors such as: Punctuation, Grammar, how well he can write, speak or translate. Freelance translators are more like mystery box. You’ll get to know when you avail their services.

Agency only hires accurate translators who are well versed with multiple language grammars, writing styles and are fluent in all languages. They provide translation of high level accuracy with accurate formation; leaving no room of errors.

4. Certified Translation

A Freelance translators cannot guarantee that translated text is a correct rendering of original documents. Certification ensures that individual have some certain skills to handle documents with high standards.

Agencies conduct training and development programs to make sure that their translators are certified and can handle every foreign related document precisely and accurately.

5. Secrecy and Privacy

You can’t be so sure whether freelance translators will able to keep secrecy of your documents from any third party.

Some agencies work with NDA (Non disclosure agreement); maintain the safety and secrecy of your documents.


The choice is yours now. It entirely depend on you whether you need freelance translation or agency translation. Free lance translation might save little money in your pockets but might cost you your reputation, delay in technical translation, court/ legal trials, etc. Agency on other hand, with their certified experts, might cost you a little more but in terms quality they will rock you.

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