Potential Impact of Multilingual Website in Ecommerce

Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a tremendous shift on consumer purchasing preferences from traditional to online. One of the greatest advantage of internet is it gives company, of any size, an opportunity to sell products overseas and expand into other countries. So far internet has over 3 billion users, giving you a huge opportunity to sell and all you need to do is display your products in front of users. But here’s the catch, it’s not as easy as it sounds because of language differences. As per the recent studies, English accounts only 30 percent of the internet users, followed by Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic and others that’s translation is vitally necessary in ecommerce for global reach.

A multilingual website serves as an interactive platform that allows customers to search and purchase in their native language. Translating your website into more than one language has several benefits for an ecommerce business. An accurate multilingual translation services helps businesses to open and presents in front of millions of viewers worldwide and is helpful in many cases such as:

1. Enhancing User Experiences

Think this from customer point of view; they won’t buy until and unless they’re fully understood. By converting your website into a multilingual platform gives international users a chance to purchase from your domain. It helps in simplifying the user experiences by providing web content in their native language. Recent studies on consumer behavior show that information available in their native language helps them in giving better understanding.

2. Reaching wider market

Multilingual is considered as a “GO TO MARKET” Strategy making you to expand other markets areas and reaching prospective customers. Some professional multilingual translation services agencies are specialized in delivering content as per the country-to-country audiences; removing linguistic and cultural hindrances. Translation helps in setting up your ecommerce platform with respect to the spoken language; enabling you to get in touch with your intend crowd.

3. Building trust and confidence

Would you trust a website of different language? The answer would be definitely NO. There’s no better way to tell your customers that you’re operating at global level than your multilingual website. It serves as a tool to formulate trust and confidence in them, which is further beneficial in developing long term relationship with your clients/ customers overseas.

4. Boosting firms revenues

Many companies have admitted that with multilingual their sales boosted by 300 percent enabling them to generate high revenues and strong customer base. By availing the service of accurate translation, you can simplify the process of delivering product description, categories and web pages across the target countries. Sales will be boosted only if create awareness and awareness will come only if you provide accurate information to your audiences otherwise


It is very important for an ecommerce business to be multilingual before you enter into any foreign market. It is helpful for both business and customers as in term of business it enhance the functionality by making you to deliver accurate information and in term of customers, users can view your products and can make payments hassle free.

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