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Never before the advent of internet, had the question of website localization arrived. Nobody knew the importance or need of a local content or a global content. But today, places around the world are connected with a virtual bond and businesses are focusing on a content that works for global audience?

But, do you think that a simple global content can deliver you the desired results in the present competitive world of today? Although the internet connected the entire world with a virtual thread, yet some cultural and language differences are still there, which vary from one market to another and from one country to another. For example, a content that works well to attract the Russian audience may not do the same for Indian audience. The major challenge that you face while promoting or marketing your content is to adjust your content as per the local markets, while maintaining or preserving your globally recognized brand.

Here is the difference between local and global content that will help you understand things better –

■ Localized Content

A localized content is the one, which caters to a specific market. It generally includes slogans, images, color schemes and other factors that make the content appealing to the target masses. The major aim of localizing your content is not only to maintain your brand value, but also communicate to your audience in a personalized manner. Content translation is one major factor that must be kept in mind while infusing it with cultural messages.

■ Global Content

Unlike the local content, a global content can be used for any market. It is basically a uniform content that consists of the purpose of your business. Such types of content are generally the foundation stones for local content. This is because the latter is simply an interpretation of the former in different variety of individual markets.

How to Pick the Right Option?

Both types of content have their special features. It depends on you and your business needs as to which type of content should be created to attract your audience.

• Localized Content

If you are trying to market your brand in some specific markets, it is ideal to create localized content. But, make sure to keep the global aspect intact in the content. It is generally expensive to create, as it requires additional features and additional time to shape a global content into local one.

• Global Content

Since, it can be understood by everyone and is very generic, this type of content is less expensive to create. But, because of its bland nature, it may not be able to attract and connect with some markets. If your content fails to connect the audience, it would fail to connect them with your business. Thus, you may have to see a big loss in sales.

The Gist

The crux of this whole matter is content optimization. It is very important for a business owner to optimize the content and connect with the customers. Building a strong connect with your audience, is what you should be looking for. This implies that no matter, you chose local or global content, it is important that your customers are attracted towards your business. So, find out right content for your business and get ready to reap the benefits and increased sales.

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