7 Reasons to Localize Your Content Today

The business world nowadays, finds endless reasons to localize content for their websites, brochures and other promotional materials. This clearly indicates the rising demand for creating a modifying version of the content for the target audience. Being an entrepreneur, you will have to understand that not everybody speaks English. Hence, no matter, you design a rock solid content to woo your audience; they will simply regard it as useless, for not conveying the message in their mother tongue. So, why invest in some nugatory stuff?

To be very honest, in a cross-cultural digital world, you cannot depend on a single language for achieving the desired results. You will have to get your content localized for the following reasons –

1. Business Expansion

This is one of the most obvious reasons why businesses have an increasing inclination towards localized content over global content. As per a survey, almost 84% of international customers agree to the fact that they prefer buying from a website that speaks to them in their native language, and not in their second or third language. Hence, if you create a localized version of your website, you will be able to attract more customers and expand the business across the international market.

2. Cutting Down Risk

Preparing the website for an international audience is not an easy task; it requires high amount of talent and expertise to end up with a fruitful output. But often, business owners neglect localization and simply translate the content, which can often result into violation of local laws or copyright infringement. The words that mean something positive in your language may mean something very disturbing in the target language. Thus, localization can help you cut down such risks and also help you avoid serious marketing fails.

3. Targeting Non-English Customers

As mentioned above, English is not the first language of the global customers. Although more than 55% of the content (published online) is in English, yet, the need for non-English content is becoming highly important. While working for a global audience, you cannot assume that every single person in your target market would clearly understand the English content. So, to ensure complete market coverage, you will have to work on the content strategy.

4. Gaining Competitive Edge

Creating a global ready content is highly important today. But, to stay ahead in the competition, you must invest in localization. Basically, a local content bestows you with impeccable standards in the global market. Thus, as a result, brand awareness and online reputation starts increasing by leaps and bounds. So, don’t you think gaining a competitive edge in the market would be quite obvious with quality localization in hand?

5. Global E-Commerce

If you own an e-commerce global platform, localization is of utmost importance to you. Generally, most of the e-commerce websites target worldwide locations, such as France, Spain or China. Hence, shipping products to such locations, and promoting the products is almost impossible without a localized content. Apart from this, translating plus localizing other aspects, such as currencies and unit measures is also important to facilitate a clear communication.

6. Building a Positive Image

Establishing a positive image in the eyes of the target masses is very important. It not just helps you build a strong online reputation, but also blesses your brand with several other benefits, viz. positive word-of-mouth, increased trust on brand, higher sales etc. With a localized content on your website, you may also succeed in getting positive reviews from potential customers and clients, when they visit your site.

7. Global SEO Ranking

A globally high SEO ranking is one of the major reasons why localized content is an intrinsic part of business strategy, today. Gone are the days, when entrepreneurs used to invest in global content strategy. These days, local content is the main hero and others are just supplementary things. Therefore, it is continuously suggested to focus on localized content as well as localized keywords, targeted on the website. This will help you come up in the SERPs, when the customer searches for the desired product.


The customers have got smart today. They clearly understand the fact that the companies would do anything to sell their products/services in the target market. So, why should they compromise with the content; let the business owners put-in some efforts, speak to them in their native language and finally persuade them to buy. In such a competitive situation, you cannot sit back and relax. You will have to establish deeper emotional connection bonds with the target audience. It will surely be fruitful for your business today and in the days to come.

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