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It’s amazing to see that globalization and translation theory is actually helping young entrepreneurs to gain maximum presence in the market. A business can’t even think of neglecting the importance of translation in globalization to succeed in foreign economy. One must understand its impact on business to maintain stability across economy of different languages.

Language has been the major challenge for all the companies so far. The problem is not the finance, but how to formulate effective communication that could make brand sell more and more goods in less amount of time.

Importance Of Translation In Globalization

In this article, we are going to understand whether globalization can happen without having a reliable translation service for your company. But first, let’s focus on what translation is and why it’s necessary.

There was a time when consumer used to purchase whatever the product we throw at them. Today, consumer will research a lot on any product before coming to purchase decision. They like to go to each and every detail mentioned in the product and they compare side by side with other products. In the middle of all this, a global entrepreneur has to make sure that they are able to provide accurate information in their native language. If they fail to deliver then they are likely to lose their potential customers to other providers.

Here some of the facts on consumer behaviour that the marketer and startup business must clearly know.

● There is a reason that why consumer prefer to local products manufactured by domestic player because they are well adapted as per the native language.
● Almost 80% of the customers preferred information in their own Lingo because it provides them better understanding of the products.
● We are living in a world where only one third of the population speak Basic English and people considered English as their secondary language. Their primary language is native language.
● All your marketing and promotional activities will be useless if it is not well adapted.
● Adapting your business as per the Lingo, culture and tradition of a country plays an important role in generating trust and Faith among customers.
● One cannot build brand reputation and Goodwill if it is not accurately translated.

Let’s take an example of the China, there were several reasons for the failure of the international food packaging, but the major one thinking that English was just enough for them to make their product sell. It was the biggest Nightmare and a huge financial loss because they were unable to create a relationship with the audience. Building a relationship with your target customer is must and its only happens when you speak to them in their language.

Investing In Translation

The majority of successful tycoons share their experience by investing in translation and here’s what they have enlightened: translation is not a concept but has become a necessity to each and every Organisation in solving the linguistic barriers and making the communication hassle free from one end to another. It solves all the aspect of the business from operation to research and selling.

Here are some of the facts that make translation an optimal decision:

● Passing on brand message from one to another by maintaining the essence of the original.
● Adapting online and offline resources, marketing material document, website, legal and patent material etc. accurately for better understanding.
● Formulating a retaining the Goodwill, reputation, and credibility.
● Making marketing and promotion of product much easier.
● Helps in providing the right type of the information to the right customer and the right time.

So if you ask us that if globalization can happen without translating then as of our experience, we like to say that- it’s just not possible. Without having a correct conversation, your products or business image will be like an alien to them. Besides, it is not only about the language rather formulating a relationship with your target audience and this requires a precise communication strategy that captures the attention of the customer in a best possible way. Once all your resources are translated, the rest of the process of researching or targeting becomes quite easier. Besides, it has been found that business can operate confidently once they adapted accurately.

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