Why International Food Packaging Failed Without Translation?

It actually becomes too late when businesses realize the real reason to why international food packaging failed for them because at that moment, they already have suffered huge financial losses, time and marketing efforts. Consumer expectations, in today’s competitive world, are extremely high and business players are adopting each and every strategy to maintain consistent growth as well as market shares in the desired or target marketplace. Translation does helps in achieving all those customer expectation by making business adapt their product and services as per the native language of the audiences.

These days, the importance of having a product translation strategy is growing in every industry around the globe. There are several advantages that a company can gain such as:

● Creating a solid impact in the market among domestic and other international players.
● Developing awareness and coming up with precise marketing strategies.
● Formulating an interactive session by providing the right information at the right time to the right buyer of different language.
● Makes your product look like a brand.
● Tell consumer a reason to purchase your product instead of others.

Besides the profits centric, having a translation strategy in your business helps your brand in becoming a part of the people culture and tradition. Majority of businesses fail to enter in China because of this particular reason. People prefer information in their native language as it provides them better understanding and it is also a better approach to pitch a sale.

Since now you understand the importance of it, let’s understand in a more detailed manner that why businesses product packaging fails in a country like India.

● Product Is Not Interactive: Through translation, businesses products are able to generate interactive sessions.In other words, it will be able to create meaningful conversation in the market and capture the attention of the interested, instantly. It is extremely beneficial to engage them and persuade them to buy.

● Not Able to Generate Faith: Consumer trust on your brand plays an important role these days because it is directly proportional to sales. No matter how innovative your product or services is; if a brand is not able to generate faith, it won’t be able to get majority of sales lead.

● Consumer Treat Product As An Alien Product: Customers of today search and research about a product a lot and compare with others also for optimal selection. They read each and every information mentioned in the product description just to make sure that they are buying the right product. If in this stage, a business fails to provide right information then it fails to create sales. Any product, if it is not well adapted, the consumer will treat it as an alien product and they will shift to other vendors.

● Several Other Players In The Market: Countless of startup businesses fail because they thought English would be more than enough to tap the interest of potential customers. One must understand that there are several other products of your categories already adapted and selling in customer’s native language to keep the interest of their purchasing options to themselves.

● Not Able To Tell Your USP: Unique selling proposition of a product differentiates you from others. It provides information like why your product is better and why consumer must invest their money. This is unlikely to achieve in the absence of translation because there’ll be a huge communication gap.

One can gain the better idea by learning from the translation mistakes made by famous brand that’ll help you to understand the magnitude and its significance in the global market. At present, majority international companies consider translation as an important investment tool for

● Accurate Brand Positioning: The sole purpose of marketing and promotional activity is to make people perceive about your brand accurately. By mixing translation, an organisation can position brand image accurately in the mind of consumer prior to any language.

● Clear Cut Information: Each and every information will be concise. There’ll be accurate flow of message from one end to another in almost all countries.

● Avoiding Misinterpretation: If the consumers are not able to understand any product in different language then they start to speculate. This creates a room of misinterpretation and misleading image in their mind, which even organisations are not aware of what a consumer is thinking.

● Dodging cultural context: There are some words and phrases that sometimes create a chaos in other language because it conveys inaccurate meaning and in most of the time it does sound offensive.

You need to make sure that your product is accurately adapted, before you plan to launch in broader market of different languages. This is because business success is dependent on the factor whether the consumers are able to understand or not. Translation helps in achieving all these in a more subtle manner but make sure that you associate with only those organizations that provide native linguistic experts and do not depend on online free mode. Only then you’ll be able to seize the attention of targeted audiences and provide accurate information across all channels.

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