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Valentine’s day is an occasion of love. By learning How To Say Happy Valentines Day In Different Languages, you can celebrate this festival of love, admiration, and friendship with all your near and dear ones. As this day is just around the corner, you must plan something impressive and adorable for your partner to fill love in the entire atmosphere.

Meaning Of Valentines Day

14 February (valentine’s day) is a day of love, celebrated in the name of Christian Priest, Saint Valentine. He supported lovers in getting married during the rule of the Roman Emperor Claudius. This day is celebrated around the world by exchanging gifts, a bouquet of flowers, rings, chocolates, candy, and other impressive presents.

In modern times, you don’t need to worry about how to express love in different languages, as there is an excellent option of translation. The tradition and culture of celebrating this day vary from one region to another. In some countries, people consider this day as showing love with friends and family members, instead of couples. So, keep in mind the custom of a specific area before expressing your feelings.

Facts You Don’t Know About Valentine’s Day

This day began with the Romans.
After Christmas, 14th February is the year’s largest card giving day.
Over 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes (first introduced in 1868) sold each year within a country.
It is more than 600-year-old tradition.
Hallmark was the first one to create valentine’s day card (by 1913).
About 9 million people purchase valentine’s day gifts for their pets.
Flowers are the popular gifts on this day.

How To Say Happy Valentine’s Day In 20 Foreign Languages?

Want to surprise your beloved ones by sending heart-touching valentine’s day wishes in popular spoken languages of the future? Speaking other foreign languages is highly romantic, does not matter wherever you’re around the world on 14th February. You can continue to show your feelings to special ones, who’re residing in other nations, by wishing valentine’s day in their foreign lingo.

Top 20 Foreign Languages Translation
Happy Valentine’s Day in Arabic عيد حب سعيد (eyd hubun saeid)
Happy Valentine’s Day in German Fröhlichen Valentinstag
Happy Valentine’s Day in French Joyeuse saint Valentin
Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish Feliz día de San Valentín
Happy Valentine’s Day in Japanese 幸せなバレンタインデー (Shiawasena barentaindē)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Indonesian Selamat Hari Valentine
Happy Valentine’s Day in Dutch Fijne Valentijnsdag
Happy Valentine’s Day in Italian Buon San Valentino
Happy Valentine’s Day in Portuguese Feliz Dia dos namorados
Happy Valentine’s Day in Swedish Glad alla hjärtans dag
Happy Valentine’s Day in Mandarin Qingren jie kuaile
Happy Valentine’s Day in Greek Ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου (Iméra tou Agíou Valentínou)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian С днем Святого Валентина (S dnem Svyatogo Valentina)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Romanian Ziua Indragostitilor fericita
Happy Valentine’s Day in Turkish Mutlu sevgililer günü
Happy Valentine’s Day in Thailand สุขสันต์วันวาเลนไทน์ (S̄uk̄hs̄ạnt̒ wạn wālenthịn̒)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Filipino Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso
Happy Valentine’s Day in Vietnamese Chúc mừng ngày lễ tình nhân
Happy Valentine’s Day in Malay Selamat Hari kekasih
Happy Valentine’s Day in Persian روز ولنتاین مبارک

These are the most popular and widely spoken language in the world. People who understand the importance of translation to accurately convey valentine’s day wishes in different languages to their foreign friends & dear ones, also search for these major languages.

Saying Happy Valentine’s Day In Top 10 Indian Languages

Don’t know how to say happy valentine’s day in India to your family members, friends, spouses, and other special people, who are closer to your heart? Check out the following table to learn the best ways of letting your warm wishes reach directly to the heart of the most important person of your life.

Top 10 Indian Languages Translation
Happy Valentine’s Day in Bengali শুভ ভালোবাসা দিবস (Śubha bhālōbāsā dibasa)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Gujarati વેલેનટાઈન્સ દિનની શુભેચ્છા (Vēlēnaṭā’īnsa dinanī śubhēcchā)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Hindi वैलेंटाइन्स दिवस मुबारक हो (vailentains divas mubaarak ho)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Kannada ಪ್ರೇಮಿಗಳ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆಯ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು (Prēmigaḷa dinācaraṇeya śubhāśayagaḷu)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Marathi व्हॅलेंटाईन डेच्या शुभेच्छा (Vhĕlēṇṭā’īna ḍēcyā śubhēcchā)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Malayalam ഹാപ്പി വാലന്റൈൻസ് ദിനം (hāppi vālanṟains dinaṁ)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Punjabi ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਦਿਹਾੜਾ ਮੁਬਾਰਕ (Prēma dihāṛā mubāraka)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Tamil காதலர் தினம் (Kātalar tiṉam)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Telugu ప్రేమికుల రోజు శుభాకాంక్షలు (Prēmikula rōju śubhākāṅkṣalu)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Urdu اظهار محبت کا دن مبارک هو

How Do You Say Happy Valentine’s Day in Austronesian Languages?

Apart from top languages translation for international business, you can also translate your words or phrases to wish valentine’s day in any language. Locals will love and appreciate you when took efforts to send them wishes and heart-grabbing messages in their native lingo. You can now easily learn how to say happy valentine’s day to your crush, girlfriend or boyfriend in Austronesian languages, as we have give translated form of this phrase in 3 most common languages.

Top 3 Austronesian Languages Translation
Happy Valentine’s Day in Javanese Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day in Cebuano Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day in Malagasy Fetin’ny mpifankatia

How To Say Happy Valentine’s Day in African Languages?

Are you looking for the opportunity to be fluent in the global language of love to wish your near and dear ones a Happy Valentine’s Day? Don’t have enough time to learn another language? No need to worry, because here we have enlisted the translated version of Happy Valentine’s Day in widely spoken African language in the table given below.

Top 5 African Languages Translation
Happy Valentine’s Day in Afrikaans Gelukkige Valentynsdag
Happy Valentine’s Day in Hausa Ranar ranar soyayya
Happy Valentine’s Day in Somali Maalinta Valentine’s Hoyka
Happy Valentine’s Day in Yoruba E ku ayajo ojo ololufe
Happy Valentine’s Day in Zulu Usuku oluhle lwe-Valentines

Learn How To Say Happy Valentine’s Day in Asian Languages

Impress your dearly loved one by wishing them happy valentine’s day in various Asian languages. Wondering how to develop fluency in multiple languages so quickly? This can be possible through Asian language translation done by trained human experts. In the table given below, you’ll find the translating version of happy valentine’s day in 5 most spoken Asian languages.

5 Asian Languages Translation
Happy Valentine’s Day in Chinese Simplified 情人节快乐 (Qíngrén jié kuàilè)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Chinese Traditional 情人節快樂 (Qíngrén jié kuàilè)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Nepali प्रेम दिबसको हार्दिक सुभकामना (Prēma dibasakō hārdika subhakāmanā)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Myanmar (Burmese) ကို (main galar Valentine Day ko)
Happy Valentine’s Day in Korean 행복한 발렌타인 데이 (haengboghan ballentain dei)

How To Say ‘Will You Be My Valentine’ In Different Languages?

Do you have crush on someone, and planning to propose him/her this valentine? You have made all the preparations, but language differences are creating an obstacle? If yes, then say bye to these barriers, and ask your beloved one, “will you be my valentine?”. If you hesitate to express your feelings, then convey them in written form with quick language services and solutions of translating your words in the language of girlfriend/boyfriend.

Top Languages Translation
Will You Be My Valentine in German Möchtest du mein Valentinstagsdate sein
Will You Be My Valentine in French Veux tu etre ma Valentine
Will You Be My Valentine in Spanish Serías mi San Valentín
Will You Be My Valentine in Portuguese Você será meu namorado
Will You Be My Valentine in Korean 내 발렌타인이 되니? (nae ballentain-i doeni?)
Will You Be My Valentine in Chinese (Simplified) 你会成为我的情人吗?(Nǐ huì chéngwéi wǒ de qíngrén ma?)
Will You Be My Valentine in Chinese (Traditional) 你會成為我的情人嗎?(Nǐ huì chéngwéi wǒ de qíngrén ma?)
Will You Be My Valentine in Swedish Vill du vara min Valentin
Will You Be My Valentine in Dutch Wil jij mijn Valentijn zijn
Will You Be My Valentine in Italian Vuoi essere il mio Valentino
Will You Be My Valentine in Indonesian Will You Be My Valentine
Will You Be My Valentine in Greek Θα γίνεις ο Βαλεντίνος μου (Tha gíneis o Valentínos mou)
Will You Be My Valentine in Russian Будешь моим Валентином (Budesh’ moim Valentinom)
Will You Be My Valentine in Japanese あなたが私のバレンタインになります (Anata ga watashi no Barentain ni narimasu)
Will You Be My Valentine in Turkish Sevgilim olur musun
Will You Be My Valentine in Polish Czy będziesz moją Walentynką
Will You Be My Valentine in Pashto ته به زما ویلونینټ یم

If you want to learn more about how to convey valentine day wishes, quotes, or any other festivals such as Merry Christmas In other Languages, then it would be good to consult with professional translators. These experts very well understand the common phrases and culture of different parts of the world. Reading other’s words is not easy for someone, who speaks different lingo. This is because the phrase in one lingo will not be the same in other languages. The translation is not easier, so it is better to ask for expert’s help.

Translate Valentine’s Day Wishes In Different Languages

The popularity of romantic valentine’s day celebration is increasing rapidly each year. If you want to express the feelings of your heart, and celebrate love in a romantic manner, then take the biggest advantage of this day. TridIndia helps you to convey the desired messages by converting your words into one, two, or many more Indian and foreign languages. The team provides human translations to deliver satisfactory output beyond expectations. You can avail solutions for all types of translating needs.

Don’t let language gaps leave this festival of love mute for you. Contact us with the language or content you want to translate, and get the best of solutions accurately and quickly. You can also give a call on +91-8527599523, Great wishes for your valentine’s day!!

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