4 Translation Errors that Hindi Newbies Must Learn to Avoid

Mistakes are an indispensable part of human life. So, you cannot ignore making mistakes. Actually, one must definitely make mistakes, as it signifies the amount of effort you are putting in, to excel any specific art or skill. A simple mistake can give you an unforgettable lesson for life. So, if you are a Hindi language translator, more specifically, a beginner translator, then do not let yourself down, if you make mistakes in the projects. It happens in the initial stages of career. But, yes, be a wise man/woman and learn from your mistakes.

Here are some mistakes or errors that newbie Hindi translators generally make while translation:

1. Over Usage of ‘ing’

Generally, the beginner translators overuse the suffix ‘ing’ while translating the Hindi text to English. For example, if a sentence says ‘मैं पंजाब में रहता हूँ’, it is translated as ‘I am living in Punjab’. The suffix ‘ing’ basically represents an action that is presently going on. It represents a continuous action. The sentence ‘मैं पंजाब में रहता हूँ’ represents the state of the fact. Thus, you cannot use ‘ing’ to represent the meaning.

2. Gender

According to a certified Hindi translation company in India, the translators also commit mistakes in utilizing the genders. For instance, there is a sentence that ‘today my brother or sister will come’. Some translators translate it as ‘आज मेरा भाई या बहन आएगा।’ In this case the use of ‘मेरा’ infront of ‘भाई’ is correct, as ‘भाई’ (meaning brother) is masculine. But, the word ‘आएगा’ is not correct, as ‘बहन’ (meaning sister) is feminine. So, ‘आएगी’ should be used instead of ‘आएगा’.

3. Unnecessary Words

Sometimes translators (in a mission to be more specific) use unnecessary words that are either common sense to understand or generally not essential to use. For example, while translating the sentence ‘I will reach there on Monday’ the translators use unnecessary words and translate it as ‘मैं सोमवार के दिन को वहां पहुँच जाऊंगा।’ simply saying ‘मैं सोमवार को वहां पहुँच जाऊंगा।’ was sufficient to describe the meaning of the original sentence. If the sentence says Monday morning or evening, then you can use words like ‘दिन’ or ‘शाम’ etc.

4. Literal Translation

While rendering English to Hindi Translation Services, some translators adopt a literal translation format. In Hindi, you cannot afford a word by word translation. For example, the sentence says that ‘He does not listen to my words’. Its literal translation would be ‘वह मेरे शब्दों को नहीं सुनता।’ in Hindi; such a sentence will not be acceptable. You can however, translate it as वह मेरी बात नहीं सुनता।


No matter, you translate Hindi to English or English to Hindi; there are few mistakes that are not that big that they cannot be learned and avoided. These are very simple and common mistakes. But, they can hinder your path to success in the translation career. Thus, learn from such mistakes, before these mistakes grow up and eat up your career. To become a translation expert, you just need the correct approach and one hand distance from such errors.

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